Eric receives life-changing news, just as Nicole says yes to Rafe - Plus, Jake and Gabe distract themselves with other people

Eric receives life-changing news, just as Nicole says yes to Rafe – Plus, Jake and Gabe distract themselves with other people

In the Tripp hospital room, Kayla reports that Tripp is almost completely cured. Ava asks for a word with her in private. In the hall, Ava apologizes to Kayla for her behavior when she thought she had lost Tripp. She thanks her for saving her son and for her generosity.

Kayla returns to Steve and Tripp and explains that Ava just wanted to apologize to her and then had a place to go. Trip tells them about his visit with Ally, who confesses that she still loves him, but also loves Chanel. However, he only wants to be with someone he loves. He urges them to go home and get something to eat. He will be fine by himself.

Worried that Tripp would be lonely and sad, Steve and two agents brought him pizza.

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At The Bistro, Gabi and Li drink champagne while making several toasts for their big win in the boardroom. Jake arrives to sign Gabe on some papers and invites him to Lee to join their celebration. Jake and Gabi eye the other and Jake refuses. After he leaves, Lee questions the tension between Gabe and Jake. Gabe assures him that there will be no problems in the office. She knows how to separate her personal and professional life. He says it is good to know and touch her hand. She turns away and suggests they order more champagne. He suggests going back to his hotel for an alcoholic drink instead. He apologizes for his advances, but she’s okay. He admits that he is attracted to her. She reciprocates and asks for the check.

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In the Li’s Salem Inn room, he and Gabi drink toast again before moving on for a kiss. She blinked, worried about the people talking in Demira. Lee didn’t think she was the type to worry about office gossip. She says, “What the hell is this. Let them talk.” They take off their clothes and fall on the bed.

After sex, Gabe rolls over in bed with a faint smile.

Troubled Jake returns home to Ava, who gives him beer. She has conveyed that Tripp will be fine and thanks him for being there for her. Ava prepares dinner for them, which Jake praises, along with her company. She says she can get used to this, he is inclined to kiss him. She loosened his tie because she assured him that she wanted it for a long time. They kiss with more enthusiasm and move to bed.

Next, Jake holds Ava in bed and looks on pensively.

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In her apartment, a shocked Nicole pulls a diamond ring out of Duke’s pocket. Ravi gets down on one knee and says, “Nicole Stella Walker, are you honored to be my wife?” When she hesitates, he wonders if it was because of Eric. She reminds him that they are divorced and that Eric’s loyalty is to God. Her loyalty is to Rafe and Rafe only. She assured him that she did not covet Father Brady. She will always take care of him, but not love him.

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In her apartment, Nicole grabs Ruff's face and kisses it.

Ruff admits that Eric dumped him while he was staying in Salem, but he bought the ring a while ago. He wants to spend his life with her, but if it’s early enough, they can keep things the way they are. He starts putting the ring away, but she stops him. I described him as a wonderful man. It makes her feel special, needed and appreciated. She knows and trusts him, and Holly adores him. Not to mention she is in love with it. That’s all she wanted, would he ask her that question again? Rav complies and passionately says yes. “I can’t wait to be your wife,” she declares and accepts. He slips onto the ring and says, “I’m the luckiest guy in the world.” I told him he was about to get more lucky. He took her and carried her to the bedroom.

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Roman stands behind the bar of Brady's pub and talks to Kate who is sitting with a martini.

From Brady’s pub bar, Roman and Kate notice Eric passing by. While they discuss the situation with Sarah, the Vatican contacts Eric. After hanging up, Eric said the church was taking steps to remove him from the priesthood. Kate assumes it’s because Sarah is swinging in his room, but Eric declares it’s because of his unauthorized exorcism. Roman is very sorry, but Kate thinks there is a silver lining. Since he is no longer a priest, perhaps he can be reunited with Nicole. Eric shoots at her, but Roman supports his lady. Eric could get another chance with the love of his life. Eric needs a minute to process this. Besides, Nicole has moved on. Kate points out that Nicole doesn’t realize she has other options. Roman assures his son that he is a good man before heading upstairs with Kate.

Alone at the bar, Eric is sitting at the bar staring at the martini that Kate left behind. He moves her aside and looks sad.

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Kate and Roman tend to Brady's pub bar while they talk to Eric.

next to or next to days of our lives: Xander asks Chanel for a favor, and Eric gives Sarah a surprising tip.

Eric has battled his share of demons – both real and figurative – over the years. Relive his anxiety in the photo gallery below.

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