After a slow start, the Blue Jays finally showed that they have one of the best rosters in baseball

After a slow start, the Blue Jays finally showed that they have one of the best rosters in baseball

Toronto Blue Jays’ George Springer scores a singles home run as Los Angeles Angels catcher Max Stassi watches alongside home plate referee John Lipka during the first half on May 26.Mark J. Terrell/The Associated Press

Looking back, it’s clear where the Blue Jays season was supposed to slip off the edge and begin the long fall in September.

A week and a half ago – May 23. The first game in the Express Entry and Exit match against St. Louis. An early lead though, with only four Toronto hits in the evening. A late swing to junior Jose Berrios, he left him for too long. Paul Goldschmidt’s Grand Prix is ​​10th.

This loss was all about going wrong in Jay’s season – the start of the spin, the leaking bull, the offense that looked like nine men trying to slice tomatoes with a samurai sword.

But it was manager Charlie Montoyo’s reaction afterwards that got people to take up the sport.

Over the course of three seasons and a bit, Montoyo has been a fountain of positivity, interspersed with sporadic moments of despair. This professional weakness is what makes him so attached to him.

This was a poorly timed example of the recent trend.

“I’ve been around the game for a long time and have never seen a group of good hitters struggle with guys in the scoring positions, you know,” said Montoyo, bouncing nervously from foot to foot. “It is coming. I don’t know when it will come, but it will.”

Everyone understands that there is a certain amount of magical thinking involved in running a baseball team. You are in charge, but not in control. No amount of yelling or begging will get the professionals to do their job properly.

But when things go sideways, people don’t want to hear that the manager has no tangible solutions other than “I started praying the rosary at lunch as well as before bed.”

In the background, you could hear the big clock ringing in rings 24 Coming to the fore. Never ask who the bells ring for, Charlie, because they probably ring for you.

Another loss would be fine. two more? problem. Three, management exercises to launch a press conference.

Once this happens, panic begins. It spreads contagiously in the club and who knows how bad it can get? In the moments after Homer Goldschmidt, you could see the rest of the season spread out at his most miserable potential.

But when the knife drawers were opening in Jays’ C-Wings, an amazing thing happened – the team won.

As of this writing, Toronto has won eight games at the trot. A few of those looked like three hours of hitting training. The race includes competitions against playoff caliber teams in the Angels and White Sox.

What has changed?

“I said, ‘The moment we start swinging the bats, and we keep throwing and catching the ball the way we did, we have a chance to win a few games in a row,'” Montoyo explained.

Oh alright. Let me just write that down so I don’t forget – “bat swing + pitch + catch.” Fascinating. Let everyone in baseball know – I am willing to give interviews for any open management positions. I could be satisfied to be a coach on the bench if that included a car allowance.

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Two months later, the Toronto Blue Jays they promised finally made their appearance. As of this exact moment, Jays is the best roster in baseball who has no office in the Bronx.

It wasn’t planned that way, but suddenly this seems like a pretty cool plan. Why play six months of baseball when you could play four instead?

You write off the first two months as an extended spring training. You are not good, but you are not bad either. Even when you are humble, you can still cling to a place that is elusive. This discourages people from over-breathing.

While people are still trying to determine how they feel about you, you constantly hold back, daring everyone else to abandon you. Just like some think about it, you’re back in the fight again. This is a Sabermetric a-dope rope.

While the baseball season continues, no one on the team wants to talk much about any particular moment in it. It never goes up, it never goes down. tomorrow is another day. It’s still early days. All these clichés are designed to distract introspection.

You only hear about once a season about very specific cases where things go right or wrong. Big trade moment. That’s exactly when he turned around. Or that night in Cleveland when the quarterback’s three balls hit his head and run out to home. That’s when we found out.

Baseball fans have an amazing ability to remember details about games after months of playing them. Who was at bat, who was at the base, and what were they thinking at the time.

Former manager of Jays Cito Gaston was fond of likening what happened that night to a similar situation, starting with the names and birth dates of everyone involved, which occurred in some forgotten game a decade ago. You would check the math later online and he was always right.

So they record these things. They do not like to talk about it until the whole picture is painted.

Right now, Jays are finally hitting the cruising speed because they always would have. Everyone knows it’s coming. Never a moment’s doubt.

Assuming all goes well, maybe we’ll hear later about the moment Jays had that May night in St. Louis. How they looked around and realized that they had to decide which direction to go.

When you go back in time, it probably feels like fate. They always would have done it this way.

Every sport has these moments, but baseball — with its endless season and burden to repeat — has its own belief in the divine. All you can do is wait and hope. Sometimes, your prayers are answered.

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