Mayweather vs Moore scores: live bottom card and main event updates

Mayweather vs Moore scores: live bottom card and main event updates

MMA Fighting shows Mayweather vs.More scores live for Floyd Mayweather vs.More card.

When the main event kicks off, around 4 p.m. ET, check out our Mayweather vs. Ahead of the show’s main event, we’ll have live updates and the results of all the card battles below.

Also take a look at the Anderson Silva vs. Updates. That match is expected to begin at approximately 3 p.m. ET.

The event also features MMA legend and former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva in a boxing bout in the co-main event. This is Silva’s third boxing appearance since his split from the UFC. Former WBC Champion Julio Cesar Chavez defeated Jr. By split decision and then followed by a first-round knockout from fellow MMA great Tito Ortiz.

Take a look at the Mayweather vs.

The show is underway as we prepare for our first fight, the cruiserweight match between Badou Jack and Hany Atiyo.

bado jack against Hani Attia

first round: Jack advances with a nod. Atiyo wants to respond, but Jack goes to the body as he walks him down. The left hook drops the Atiyo flat on the mat. It looks like he’s seriously injured and that’s it! The fight lasted about 30 seconds.

Official score: Badou Jack def. Hani Atewu via KO at 0:46 of Round 1

Next up, the WBC Silver Featherweight Championship match.

Delphine Pearson vs. Elham Makhled

first round: Pearson straight in Mukhallad’s face while Mukhallad looks at a jab. Angled running from the corner. Pearson throws a bit, and a left hook attaches to her. Pearson leads with big punches. She goes down and makes Mikhald miss. Pearson is just going forward.

MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Pearson.

second round: Berson’s throwing combos, but Michal coped well with her hit. Immortalized by a pair of solid right hands. Pearson grabs a mould with two straight punches. Persoon bullies Mekhaled, who keeps her guard high and tight. Berson with a good body shot. They melee and Mokhallad lands some bombs, but both take damage. Pearson walks Mikhald to the ropes and there is another close exchange. The reference is to allow fighters to operate.

MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Mikhalid. In general, 19-19.

Third round: Pearson walks in two hard punches for Mukhalid. Undeterred, she steps forward in throwing the haymakers. Makhlid stays in the pocket with her and scores with a left hand force. Defense is definitely a secondary concern in this fight. Pearson with a left hook and trailing with 1-2. Berson with great right. Mekhaled Pearson times and hits the left counter. Pearson is relentless, punches in bunches. Pallet with some dope rope with round closure.

MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Pearson. Overall, 29-28 Berson.

Fourth round: Pearson steals in straight punches. Michael wants that big hit, but she’s overwhelmed. She hits Pearson with a brittle body bullet. Pearson goes to the body, and Makhlald answers with a correct hook. Pearson really just throws in without appreciation. Michal’s mouthpiece fell off and I hesitated, Pearson benefited from some big shots. The referee pauses the procedure. They resume and Khaled explodes Pearson with the truth. Persoon is in hot pursuit and production hasn’t slowed at all. Pearson breaks it right. Flurry from Persoon to close the tour.

MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Pearson. Overall, 39-37 Berson.

Fifth round: Persoon starts with a cake, but soon they quarrel again. Pearson’s right hand pierces the moulted guard. Berson rips the body. Khaled answers two shots on her body by herself. Pearson props up to the left. She seems to understand Mekhaled’s timing. Pearson pours it with Mukhallad back up against the ropes, but Mikhald finds scoring slots.

MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Pearson. Overall, 49-46 Berson.

Round 6: Pearson tries to keep Michal at the end of a jab, but Michal presses forward and landed with a set of headshots. Berson with half a dozen missed punches, aimed at the head and body. Beautiful Right By Mekhaled. Uppercut by Persoon, good head movement from Mekhaled to avoid Persoon’s worst giveaway. Pearson’s mole is broken with two counter blows. Pearson’s crime doesn’t stop though.

MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Pearson. Overall, 59-55 Berson.

Round 7: Left hook loop for Persoon. Pearson’s right hand. Khaled scores with a left hook. Makhlid eats some punches as she approaches the distance. Hard swearing scores for Khaled. Pearson gets straight through the defense. Khaled doesn’t let Pearson strangle her. It seems that immortalized goes to the body. More melee when the round closes.

MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Mikhalid. Overall, 68-65 Berson.

Eighth round: Persoon uses its handles to control the start of the eighth round. Berson mixed up the body shots because they are almost nose-to-nose. Pearson is still pushing the pace. Delfine timed her shots, but Persoon is only working on her. Good right to immortalized then another. Pearson punches the body. Right hand across chin to Pearson. Pearson lights up a perch before the bell.

MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Pearson. Overall, 78-74 Berson.

Round 9: Pearson crowd. Mekhaled is having trouble finding a home for that power now. It infiltrates her body. Pearson shot 1-2 down the middle. Immortalized with leave counter. Leave a large arm to the ground for immortal. Berson presses a moult on the ropes.

MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Mikhalid. Overall, 87-84 Berson.

Round 10: Mekhaled throws hard, and now it’s easy to face Persoon. Punches a large wing of both fighters. Pearson punches the body while Makhlid retracts into the ropes. Just one punch after another from Pearson. Mukhalid lands a heavy blow, Pearson sensed it. Pearson hits the ropes again in action. Back in the center of the ring, Mokhaled got a big right. They have finished these trade punches. Fun fight!

MMA Fighting Score Round 10-9, Pearson. Overall, 97-93 Berson.

Official result: Delphine Pearson won. Immortalized inspiration by unanimous decision (97-94, 97-93, 96-94)

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