Switching PGA tournaments after mob revolution a success for all Trump Bar

TThe atrocities associated with a violent mob rampage around the US Capitol last year meant a subsequent decision was made regarding a barely-recorded golf tournament. Donald Trump Bedminster Golf Course was announced as the host venue for the 2022 US PGA Championship in 2014. With Trump arrested amid a Capitol storm, the US PGA changed its plan, and Southern Hills in Tulsa, Oklahoma was the immediate recipient of a disclaimer.

“We find ourselves in a political situation that is not of our making,” said Seth Wu, CEO of PGA America. “We are entrusted to our members, to the game, to our mission and our brand. How do we best protect that? We felt the tragic events that we could no longer bear at Bedminster.

The damage could have been irreparable. The only real course of action was to leave.” It was a good call then, just as it is now. Trump, who was once a champion of the PGA Tour, has arranged to form a questionable alliance with Saudi Arabia. Will stage his own Doral Stadium In Miami the closing event of this year’s LIV Golf Series, funded by the Kingdom’s Public Investment Fund.The partnership looks just right.

If there is a widespread and entirely reasonable feeling that golf has suffered from R&A’s conceptual rejection of the Open Championship at Trump-owned Turnberry, this American PGA switch has been an unquestionable success. Southern Hills was a strong track in 2001 and 2007 – when it hosted the US Open and the US PGA Championship respectively – but was elevated by changes overseen by renowned architect Gil Hansey.

Day one and two in Tulsa saw every aspect of golf tested; It is exactly the way you should be in a major. Presenting this course to a wider audience was quite helpful.

“We were trying to be true to the original design,” Hanse said of his project in Southern Hills. He used old photos with this in mind. This is largely related to the restoration of the slopes around the greens, as created by the original architect for this course, Perry Maxwell. With usual modesty, Hansey said he didn’t want his “fingerprints” to show up here. Instead, the feeling of: “That’s what Perry Maxwell did.”

Despite this, Hanse is the name on every player’s lips. “Jill has done an amazing job transforming the golf course,” Tiger Woods said. “She has a lot of shooting options, that’s for sure, and we get tested around the greens a lot. A lot of graininess, a lot of creativity, but she still puts the premium in putting the ball into play and in the lane and somehow under the holes in the right places.” In short, one-dimensional golf is not an option.

Tiger Woods plays a shot in the 18th hole
Tiger Woods plays a shot on the 18th hole. Photo: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Caches should be avoided. It’s designed to punish loose shots, after all. The sands in Southern Hills are grittier than players are used to, as this resulted in some notably poor attempts to get balls near the spikes.

“I’m sure people have seen by watching the coverage how hard it is to get a spin, which is basically impossible,” explained Justin Thomas. “Some dungeon shots that are generally too easy or foolproof up and down? That’s definitely not the case this week.”

It is the job of Keri Haig, the PGA’s chief US championships official, to set the course. He is pleased with his platform. “They’ve done an amazing job,” Hay said of Hansi and his team. “They did a lot of different things, they widened the landing areas in the fairways. They moved some of the bunkers to the back. They added five or six new tees for the back.”

“It offers a lot of shooting options, more variety of shots, and a lot of options to hit the woods or drivers off the tee. If I was a player I would enjoy playing what you offer.”

Not that everyone was in a positive state of mind. Scotty Scheffler, the world number 1 ranked No.

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Dustin Johnson was rushing into a lost wound. With the wind blowing, Thomas, Matt Fitzpatrick and Joaquin Nieman stood firm to keep the pressure on Rory McIlroy before the Northern Irish appeared at noon.

The intensity of the test was underlined on the morning of the second day by Woods, who advanced 17 points on the leaderboard within five hours of starting play and without a single shot.

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