As Matthew's biggest supporter, Brady Tkachuk steals the show in Calgary

As Matthew’s biggest supporter, Brady Tkachuk steals the show in Calgary

Matthew Tkachuk slid off the bench after finalizing his first triple trick in the playoff, and looked up at Jumbotron to see a familiar face yelling and yelling at C of Red.

It was his younger brother Brady, who pushed a smile of flame forward.

“Another great time for him,” Matthew laughed then.

“He’s crushing her now.”

It’s actually, to the delight of Flames fans who took turns posting viral videos of the Ottawa Senators captain immersed in the euphoria of his brother’s playoff tour.

In the midst of Wednesday’s 9-6 series opening win over Edmonton, Brady was photographed walking up the stairs of the Saddledome, wearing a normal beer hat, with one in his hand and one in each back pocket.

In Game 7 against Dallas, he opened the evening by throwing shirts at 5,000 revelers at the Red Lot, and concluded with an overtime celebration that had him roaming with an unknown kid on his shoulders.

In between, Sportsnet’s Ryan Leslie capped a conversation with Brady on the broadcast by saying he was looking forward to seeing him sing his signature Mr. Brightside in the crowd.

Brady replied, “Maybe he turned off, you never know.”

Avid fans of taking selfies and unabashedly enjoying the ride his brother team and the city are up to right now, Brady is just as popular in Calgary right now as his big bro.

“I think the fans loved the energy I had,” Brady smiled.

“He talks about how close we are to family. We all have fun with it. The most exciting thing is how much better (Matthew) gets pumped.”

Wearing Matthew Tkachuk’s Friendship Tour jersey, the 22-year-old has drawn more attention to a series that owns the national spotlight due to their historic rivalry, and the fact that no other Canadian teams have made it to the second round.

And while it’s unreasonable for someone to question the fact that blood trumps all alliances, there are some who have criticized that a man who got paid to lead senators unabashedly enjoys the success of his brother’s team.

“Of course everyone can have their say, but at the end of the day I am a normal guy who supports his brother and all his goals,” said Brady, who has the kind of radiant personality the league needs most.

“I’m here if he wants to talk about certain things. Family is very important to me.

I’m aware because, of course, I’m playing for Ottawa and I’d love to be in Ottawa. Very soon we will be in this position where everyone is rallying around us.”

He admits he wasn’t sure how open he should be with his support, and was originally pissed off at his father’s suggestion that he take him to the outdoor theatre.

said Brady, who from his family realized long ago that they were in the entertainment business.

“I said, ‘Oh geez, I play for another team. Maybe I shouldn’t.’ But they talked me into it.

I didn’t expect the reaction.”

People ate it.

He said he wouldn’t go so far as to wear flame gear.

“I don’t wear Flames gear, because I want to represent Ottawa,” Brady said.

“I definitely wasn’t expecting all of this to happen, but I just had a great experience. I wish our team could be in it, but I’m just trying to be a supportive brother to Matthew. If he’s enjoying it, I’ll keep it up.”

“He’s been playing great, and that makes him even better, and the team is playing great. Even if he’s not playing great, I’ll be here to support him no matter what happens, because I know that’s what he’s going to do for me.”

At Matthew’s request, Brady and his girlfriend originally joined his parents in Dallas to participate in Game 4. He made the short trip to Napa before returning to participate in Game 7 and the Oilers’ win on Wednesday.

Brother Flames 3-0 with the raucous Brady in the group.

Brady laughed, “I know my dad started with, ‘You might have to come over for Game 5…’ but I pressed my foot.

“I’m excited to come home (to St. Louis) after the second game, it was almost so much fun. It was a whirlwind. There was no date to go back but now there is after the fun we are having. It’s almost a holiday here for me, because it’s a period After a season where the guys rest and recover before the summer training starts, you don’t have to deal with the stress of qualifying.

“We would love to be in a playoff, and we will be soon.”

Keith Tkachuk had his own viral moment on Wednesday when he showed up refusing to drop the hat off his dear bar, O’B Clark’s, to celebrate his son’s hat-trick.

“I don’t throw my hat away – we’re 3-0 when I wear that hat, and the net was there anyway,” he quipped when asked about crowd pressure on him.

“I don’t listen to anyone…except for Chantal (his wife).”

When asked how he feels about the recoil from some people who feel Brady’s support in C of Red is inappropriate, Keith shrugs his shoulders.

“First of all, we don’t care what people think,” said Dad, who remains one of the NHL’s most colorful personalities.

“We are a family that loves and supports each other.

“I love that he supports his brother. We will always do that.

“This is his brother and best friend.

“Brady is a wonderful person and he’s the most giving kid. He’s giving you the shirt off his back and that’s real, not fake. He cares about his siblings. He does it for his sister (Taren) when he goes to watch her play[college field hockey]too. I never want him to change.”

Neither Flames fans or players.

“He only supports his brother,” Milan Lucic said.

“I think Matthew would do the same for Brady.”

Damn right he will.

In the meantime, Brady is content to continue carrying the burden as Matthew’s biggest supporter – literally.

He explained, “The kid was sitting in front of us, and while everyone was getting nervous because of the extra work in Game 7, I said to everyone, to make my family laugh, ‘When we score goals, you’re on my shoulder.'”

“I totally forgot what I said, and then he turned around after Johnny scored and said, ‘What the hell is that’ and I picked him up there. It was so funny.

“The second game (Friday) will be more than just a fun game.

“But we’ll see.”

Photography credit: NHLFlames on Twitter.

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