Liam Payne interviewed Logan Paul and aired Dirty Laundry One Way

Liam Payne interviewed Logan Paul and aired Dirty Laundry One Way

Liam Payne You used to be in a boyband with a bunch of other guys of different levels of fame. Harry StilesAnd the Zayn MalikAnd the Niall HouranAnd the Louis Tomlinson They were all members of One-way With Liam back in the day. And yes, I then listed it by level of fame. while appearing on Logan PaulThe podcaster, Liam, I think, decided to throw all that boyish nonsense aside and basically shade the entire band. Liam said that one of them was physically with him, and he was actually the main one, which is “I don’t agree with any” than Zayn Malik had to do. One could assume that he meant all the domestic issues he had with his ex-wife, Gigi Hadidthe mother Yolanda Hadid. It was enough that Liam was trending more as a villain today in some circles than he had cheated on his ex-fiancée.

The Logan Podcast has been called up impulsive Let’s start from there. I think Liam got a little “impulsive” himself and threw everything he’d learned from his PR teams over the years and decided to talk 1D bullshit. Liam suggested it was reported before Simon Cowell– Creator x factor, The Show That Created 1D – That Liam is within a musical career, and so 1D was really created around it. Bitch – we all know it was built around Harry Styles’ original hairstyle. Liam said via Billboard:

“And from what I’ve heard, part of the reason for creating One Direction was because Simon promised me that I would do this work for you in two years,” Payne revealed. “So my face kind of started and worked around the rest… I was the honorary member of One Direction and he told me that story himself at his house.”

Liam said the other members of the group were the right choice because he’s not a member “The wretched man” and surprised how “Wild” Some of them sometimes led to friction. Specifically, Liam Lewis said he “They hate each other” In the band but it’s him “Best mate now.” Liam also said that he and Louise almost quarreled, and that’s how things got fraught between them. Also, he and another unnamed member once obtained their groupmates“They threw me over the wall.” But Liam had some stinging words ready:

“If you don’t remove those hands, there’s a good chance you won’t use them again.”

And as some may remember, Logan’s brother, Jake PaulZayn had some dramas in which Gigi was also involved. Logan remembers of course, and he brought it up to Liam and Liam, so it kind of did some kind of roasting but without the affection? It was weird, Liam vacillating between dragging Zayn and even making suggestive comments about Zayn’s family, but he also says he supports him endlessly.

He said vaguely “If I had to go through what he went through…through his growth and whatever else…my parents were so overly supportive that it was annoying at times…and Zayn had a different upbringing in that sense.” “You could always look at the guy from where he is and say, ‘Oh yeah, whatever that guy’s a dick is, right?'” But at the end of the day, once you understand what he went through to get to this point and also whether or not he really wants to be there… I can’t sit here and get over him because of anything and listen to him, I don’t agree with any of his actions. No. I can praise some of the things he’s done. I can’t be by his side for that.”

While Payne did not go into detail about the actions he was referring to, he added that he understands and hopes that “at some point in their life the person on the other end of the phone wants to receive the help they want to give them.”

Does Liam have a PR team, so what was that move? I mean, he needed a PR guy to whisper his year, “Bitch, think about your bank account because you might have to beg the other members for a one-way reunion in two years…

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