Daily NHL Playoffs Results: Flames outslug Oilers;  The stick lasts longer than the Rangers

Daily NHL Playoffs Results: Flames outslug Oilers; The stick lasts longer than the Rangers

Game 1: Hurricanes 2, Rangers 1 (over time) | Carolina leads 1-0

Who was the man? It was you Ranta The The difference maker for Carolina on Wednesday. He showed up for 60 minutes when his teammates didn’t. Rangers were the better team in two stints and challenged them with some quality looks. But he farted 26 of the 27 rounds he encountered, and made 963 savings. When the quality of the shot he encountered is factored in, he saved an above-expected 2.12 goals, according to Natural Stat Trick.

What was the key? It’s not how you start the game, it’s how you end it. I did hurricanes not Start this game well. The Corsi Canes was knocked out by two periods but fought back in the third stage. Carolina came out with modified streak combos hoping it would ignite the club, and she clearly did the trick early on in the period. The host team outperformed Rangers 22-9 in the third game (played in five against five all along) and achieved 69 percent of their expected goal share. That pressure was raised a little higher as time was up, and that’s when Sebastian Aho took advantage. Carolina carried that into overtime, edging out New York 6-1 and finishing on that last attempt.

Basic stats: Only hurricanes were called One Penalty kick, even while late for most of the match. Carolina was called up for 331 regular season penalties and another 36 in the first game. Although the Hurricanes have an elite kill unit that can support their sometimes uncontrolled play, the Rangers have a serious power game that can challenge the Carolinas. This is why staying out of the box is so important in this series. Carolina was called up for one penalty in the first, which the Rangers canceled midway through with their minor. After that, playing was only five on five the whole time.

The moment it ended: When the game goes into overtime, we don’t have a lot of flexibility here. He will always be the winner. That came courtesy of Ian Cole after just over three minutes of overtime.

Match moment: Although the Rangers had several opportunities to build on this, Ranta’s strong play between the pipes kept them off the board. There was a chance for the visiting team to actually prove their lead with another goal when Capo Kaku created a chance with just over seven minutes to go. He had an empty net but he couldn’t convert. The disc went straight through the blue paint. So when the Hurricanes managed to pull away even just minutes later, it was clear that the missed opportunity had taken its toll on the Rangers.

– Shayna Goldman

Rangers concern meter: πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ … Rangers played their best two periods of the season and still Lost this game. This is not ideal!

Hurricanes worry meter: 🀠 …were we worried about Carolina’s goalkeeper in the playoffs?

Game 1: Flames 9, Oilers 6 | Calgary leads 1-0

Who was the man? Mike Smith. I’m just kidding. Mikko Koskinen. I’m just kidding. Jacob Markstrom. Very just kidding. Among the many strange stats, moments, events… Whatever they are, we’ll focus on one in this spot: 15 goals were distributed among 11 separate scorers. This is amazing, isn’t it? There were three multiple men at the end of this, only one of them had a hat trick. Matthew Tkachuk, bowed.

Tkachuk’s three goals were all decisive in their own way. The first time, it was a power-playing deviation in the second half, putting Flames ahead with a score of 6-2; A few moments ago, Markstrom made what might be the only big rescue of the night on either side. The effect was a huge momentum swing. Tkachuk scored his second goal after rushing out of the penalty area to score a free ball in the Oilers area. This reduced Calgary’s lead to two goals, 8-6, with 12:05 remaining. We will talk about the third goal soon.

That kind of outstanding production was missing from the Flames series in the first round against Dallas (29 goals scored, total). Tkachuk was pulling zero in column “G” until game 7. Now? It looks fine. Throw in, uh, extra interaction with Evander Kane before Goal #2 β€” and, in fact, throughout the match β€” and we got the full Tkachuk experience.

What was the key? It’s hard to pick just one, but the Oilers – defying logic, it’s all about this game and their overall identity as a team – went 0 against 4 in solid play. If you tell me we’re going to watch an Oilers game with 15 goals and none of the Edmonton hardcore, I’m going to have to question your hockey knowledge. Unfortunately, this is what happened.

Edmonton’s success in five against five is largely credited to Markstrom. The Oilers only put 20 shots on him, and their expected goals were 1.58, instead of the six they had already scored. However, goals are goals β€” and the fact that the lethal force play throws up a surprising and important donut at the same time.

Basic stats: 1993. This is the last year an NHL team scored six goals in an organization-length playoff and lost. This team? The Calgary Flames, in a 9-6 loss to the Los Angeles Kings. Also, this was the last playoff as the two teams combined at least 14 goals.

The moment it ended: Knitter empty Tkachuk. I’m not entirely convinced of that either. By the way, cheer for Keith Tkachuk. This is a man who watched his son score three times, seemed to be having a lovely night with the rest of his family, and refused to pressure him to throw his hat on the ice. When you get a good one, you stick with it.

Match moment: With a special nod to Brett Ritchie’s 6:05 first-half goal that put the Flams up 3-0 and chase Smith, Rasmus Anderson, who was alone in the circuit, beat Koskinen to break a short-lived tie.

Flame Anxiety Gauge: πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬β€¦ It’s worth saying: Calgary beat the brakes off Edmonton in most areas of this game. If this was Markstrom the Flames’ version, it would be a problem, but his night was shocking more than anything.

oiler worry meter: πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄ … They lost 1-0, and their way out of this problem is not easy to explain. Flames are not kings either.

– Sean Gentile

three stars

On tap for Thursday

β€’ Lightning at Panthers, 7 p.m. ET (Lightning at Panthers, 1-0)

β€’ The Blues at Avalanche, 9:30pm ET (Avalanche lead 1-0)

(Photo by Matthew Tkachuk: Brett Holmes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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