Aaron Judge turns away from Blue Jays in emotional Yankees slander-filled victory

Aaron Judge turns away from Blue Jays in emotional Yankees slander-filled victory

NEW YORK – Until Friday rain in Cleveland, the Toronto Blue Jays were all about switching their spins. The thought was to use Monday to keep Jose Berrios and Kevin Gusman at a normal rest as Yossi Kikuchi pushes into the weekend, keeping the left hand out of facing the New York Yankees for a second straight start and third in six games. .

Saturday’s header took the possibility off the table, so they instead continued to play and through Tuesday’s five no-hitting rounds, Kikuchi showed that his continued improvements would come into play, no matter how many times, no matter how much the opponent had seen recently.

There’s no story for the Blue Jays to finish late with this clean, and chaos quickly ensued at the bottom of the sixth inning, turning the cruise control night into an emotional and release-filled story that ended with Homer’s departure from Aaron Judge in a 6-5 win for the Yankees.

Things got wild after DJ LeMahieu opened the half with a double, putting Aaron Judge 104.2 under one-third to catch Matt Chapman but he swayed on the transfer and Anthony Rizzo flew into deep center on a hanging passer left in the area for the first half out.

Manager Charlie Montoyo brought in Yemi Garcia to take on Giancarlo Stanton, who lobbed a lazy fly ball to right field that had just drifted 335 feet over the wall, and it’s Homer at Yankee Stadium alone, who tied the match up. Two pitches later, Garcia hit Josh Donaldson in the arm with a 0-1 fast ball, the referees met for a lengthy conference and then kicked out the Savior.

Garcia was furious because there seemed to be no intent, as was the Blue Jays’ lair. Montoyo came off, followed by bench coach John Schneider, coach Pete Walker and third base coach Luis Rivera, each taking turns shouting at the referee and then reining in each other.

Show Total Gong.

Judges Walker threw, too, joined by Montoyo for a later round, when Jonathan Loaissega threw a throw to Bo Bichette, infuriating the Blue Jays’ dugout. Home board referee Lance Barrett, who made several complaints while ringing four of Toronto’s hitters during the first six rounds, gave the ejection signal and then signaled to Montoyo when the bunker tried to see who had been hit.

This was followed by a make-up run on the eighth when Vladimir Guerrero Jr. sprinted and then fired at 27.2 feet per second as he netted two goals from Lourdes Gurriel Jr. in the left corner. Gurriel intently took third place in the home throw and scored in Alejandro Kirk’s shallow fly to the middle for a 5-3 edge.

But after the Blue Jays Bullpen effectively took the lead in ninth, with Trevor Richards coming in to knock out Gleiber Torres and a two-out rally and exit in eighth, Jordan Romano issued two singles runs before the judge tore a three-round shot to the left, sending a crowd outburst. out of 41,522 people.

It all came after it seemed like the Blue Jays were in control.

George Springer led the match with a solo shot from Luis Severino, holding his hand in what appeared to be a speech-stopping gesture as he rolled the rules, while Santiago Espinal smashed a second-half brace that opened the 3-0 lead, on a drive that initially ruled the ground run.

Reflection of the response resulted in the Home Run Jacket first – removing it after the ceremony to bring the mixture back to the bases.

A 3-0 lead, however, seemed to be too much for Kikuchi, who continued to use his new slider – a combination of a softer old slider and a stiffer cutter – to make a huge impact tunneling from the same hole as the four-way fastball. seams; He got nine swing hits with his heater and four more using the slider, replicating his effectiveness from a week ago, when he allowed one run over six runs against the Yankees.

Given the proximity of the outings, his work on Tuesday is probably more important given the way Walker said before that the Yankees “were probably a little surprised, with work on (the slider) a little different” on the last outing.

“Now they’re preparing for it, I’m sure,” he added, “and we have to get a little better with that.” “But I think we’ve discovered the best version of Yusei with this pitch combination. And I think once he gets more comfortable with that, he’ll be able to execute better and he’ll make a huge difference in his season.”

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