Penguins Game 7 Ideas: Malkin and Letang Conclusion?  Crosby, Sullivan to the rescue?

Penguins Game 7 Ideas: Malkin and Letang Conclusion? Crosby, Sullivan to the rescue?

New York – Like great Westerns, Sidney Crosby may come just in time to save the Penguins of Pittsburgh. The 7s are unpredictable, but the Knights may come with Crosby and #1 goalkeeper Tristan Gary.

Just in time.

The idea didn’t come up until after the disc drop date for Game 6 of the first round series with the Penguins and New York Rangers approached. It startled me as I did my usual handshake with several PPG Paints Arena reporters, some of whom are close to 90 years old. Was Game 6 the Penguins’ last home game for Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang? Is the seventh game is the last matches with the penguins?

After years of settling down, the penguins have a new ownership. New management.

It’s a realistic idea. The penguins were probably destined to win Game 5 until their core teammates were wiped out with something just under a flying elbow from Jacob Troppa. The league saw no problem with that or examined Malkin’s broken tooth later in the third period.

Despite a barrage of colorful language from Rangers fans who generously contributed to ballooning PHN profits and Dave Molinari’s new position, their attack on the English language, full of misogyny, left my opinion unchanged. Trouba should have received multi-game commentary, and that’s just a newer prank from NHL DoPS, which has enough comedy gold for a Netflix special.

However, Sidney Crosby sent electricity through UPMC Lemieux Complex on Saturday when he showed up for training – as a full participant. He can play in game 7.

It’s been 16 years since Evgeny Malkin looked to future captain Sidney Crosby, who was waiting to follow the rising Russian player to the ice for a warm-up and demanded to go on the ice at last, “three years, Premier League”.

Malkin asserted himself as hockey’s big brother, despite Crosby’s junior season the previous year, and the boys held the rankings for 16 years.

Letang was the heist of the 2005 NHL draft that was held at a hotel in Ottawa due to the previous year’s shutdown and a new CBA recently signed to allow the league to set up a yard for the project. Young Letang had frozen advice for a boy band and spent another year at QMJHL before being nominated to the Penguins.

It was a wild ride for all involved. Remember Letang’s early struggle. Crosby’s concussion saga in 2011-12 included the best hockey game in Evgeny Malkin’s life. It ended when a specialist discovered that Crosby did not have a concussion, but only a soft tissue neck injury after Crosby missed a year of his hockey career.

There were parties on the south side. The boys, including Jordan Stahl and Max Talbot, set up court in Mario on the south side.

There were Stanley Cups.

These kids are gone and replaced by men in their mid-thirties. Few gray hairs on beard. Contracts worth tens of millions. They have their own families and homes instead of living in spare rooms for veteran players like Serge Gonchar and Mario Lemio.

“Passion,” their first coach, Michel Terrain, told PHN in 2019. “I remember they were almost teenagers. I had to put them off the rink because they were spending their days at the rink. That was all they knew.”

With some irony, the crew may have played their last game as the Pittsburgh Penguins because the opponent took Crosby away, though it looks like the Penguins will have a fighting chance in Game 7. Crosby could return, and the trio would get an extra match break. He. She.

Evgeni Malkin gave a vintage performance in Game 6. The team could definitely use another.

But Game 6 could have been the last round in Pittsburgh.

Penguins kill penalty kicks and coaches play power

How much off-season heat will be applied to assistant coaches Mike Vellucci and Todd Riden?

Vellucci was seen as Jim Rutherford’s man when he was hired as WBS Penguins coach. This season, PK has ranked first or second in the NHL for most of the season, but there have been dips and hiccups, especially late in the season.

PK was unacceptable in this series. Rangers are supposed to score.

Labor also faltered significantly after the NHL trade deadline. GM Ron Hextal dealt with forward Zach Aston Reese for Anaheim in a Ricard Raquel deal. Brian Rost joins PK. It shouldn’t have created that much contrast.

The Penguins have had only a few short cuts this season. And Tristan Gary was a big reason PK was excellent.

The hardcore penguins haven’t been on the right track this season. It weakened in its mid-teens, at best, before dropping close to twenty at the end of the regular season.

It seems very easy to get off that on Kris Letang. Or Evgeny Malkin. These guys were part of the great penguins’ strength plays as well. For some reason, this season did not work out.

The Penguin Special Teams have disappointed the team and have been a decisive factor in every loss. If the stench is from both sides in Game 7, this is likely how the story is written, and possibly the final chapter of this team.

Pittsburgh penguins 7s game

I’ve covered the Game 7s since 2016. The 2-1 win over the Tampa Bay Lightning in the 2016 Eastern Conference Final remains one of, if not the best, matches the Penguins have played under Sullivan. Game 7 of 2017 in Washington was so intense that two of the team had to leave the arena for a walk before the game, but it turned out to be a comfortable 2-0 win. The double action game of the 2017 Eastern Conference Final against Ottawa was a master class in patience — the penguins dominated what seemed to be hours.

In each of these victories, the penguins—namely Sullivan—did something a little different. Sullivan added a wrinkle, tweak, and surprise for the opponent, which worked magically.

I wonder if there’s anything Sullivan can do with this team. Rangers are a little faster. The crowd feeds them as gasoline fuels a fire. Don’t we all get softer as we get older?

I also know one Penguins player laughed after Game 7’s win over Washington in 2017, “We knew they were going to be tight.”

Jeff Carter won the 2014 Stanley Cup after the Los Angeles Kings won a three-second—yes, three—game 7.

Wondering how much experience will play a role in this game? How will Igor Shesterkin, from whom all the chains were leaked, deal with the increased pressure? I wonder how Tristan Gary (I expect him to play) will deal with the rust of not playing for a month? Or Luis Domingo?

Pittsburgh Penguins are never short of drama, but this one in particular has more plots, subplots, and secondary characters than any Western. This may be the end of a lot we take for granted.

The disc drops after 7 pm

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