Maggie agrees to give Sarah the deteriorating antidote - plus Ava comes to Gwen with a plan

Maggie agrees to give Sarah the deteriorating antidote – plus Ava comes to Gwen with a plan

Abigail meets Kayla at the hospital and congratulates her on getting her job back. She also knows that Maggie has brought Sarah back from Florida and asks if there is any change. Kayla regrets saying no, but she is waiting for the results of the tests and examinations. Then Abby updates her aunt with Gwen’s latest drama.

In a hospital room, Zander and Maggie sit with childish Sarah who talks about marrying Eric Brady one day. Aside from the side, Xander tells Maggie that the lab technique that was transferred has no issues with the antidote yet, but that Maggie doesn’t trust him. Currently, she has her happy, healthy daughter back, who answers when she calls her name. Maggie turns and says, “Isn’t it Sarah?” Sarah stares in ecstasy. When they can’t get a response from her, Xander runs to find Kayla.

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Xander rushes to the hallway to get Kayla, who goes to Sarah. Xander is left to worry with Abigail. As much as he is angry at her for leaving drugs in the first place, he thanks Abigail for exposing Gwen’s crimes. When Maggie and Kale are reunited with them, Kayla announces that Sarah’s condition is deteriorating. She doesn’t know if the antidote will work or not, but for now, that’s their only hope. Maggie cries and says softly, “Give Sarah the medicine.”

In Sarah’s hospital room, Xander and Maggie nervously watch Kayla inject Sarah with the antidote.

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In front of the hospital elevators, Abigail has a tense conversation with Xander.  days of our lives

While sleeping in Jake’s bed, Ava has a nightmare about stabbing Gwen with a syringe. She wakes up. Jake woke up and assured her it was just a nightmare. He puts his hand on her shoulder and says she is safe. As they recline closely, Gabe knocks on the door. After Ava and Gabe make scathing remarks, Ava makes an offer to kiss Jake on the cheek before leaving for an assignment.

Alone, Gabe says she is there to oust him from Demira. “I want you back,” she says. As her employee, that is. Despite Jake’s disinterest, he agrees to hear her, wondering what her angle is. She tries to swerve, but eventually admits that EJ is all about herself and will need DiMera to further her cause with the board. After some thought, Jake agrees.

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In the interrogation room, Liu takes Gwen's hand as she extends her hand across the table.  days of our lives

He visits Liu Guen in the interrogation room. After sympathizing with explosive weddings, Leo declares that they will make these bitches pay the price. While Gwen loves the idea of ​​getting revenge on Chad and Abigail, she reminds him that she’s locked up. Leo suggests you have Jack convince Abigail to drop the charges. Gwen knows that’s out of the question, given that she claimed she intentionally killed Abby’s grandmother. The lion leans inward and whispers, “Did you do?” As Gwen was about to respond, Ava intervened. Furious, Leo orders her out. But Ava has something important to say. Gwen thanks Liu, but assures him that she will be fine alone with Ava.

After Leo leaves, Ava apologizes for selling it to the police. It was just a save for her life when she was going down. Furious, Gwen orders her out, but Ava says she came there to take her out.

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In the interrogation room, Ava leans across the desk from the stark Gwen of Days of Our Lives

At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor requests an answer from Sonny about taking on the role of CEO at Titan. When Victor assumes his “clingy” husband has caused him not to make a decision yet, Sonny corrects it. He will tell him to take the job. Sony says “I’m in”. However, he was warned that Liu swore to take revenge on him.

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In the arena, Sonny looks over his shoulder at the lion leaning on a pole.  days of our lives

When Sony later passed through the arena with coffee, he encountered Liu, who had read a headline about Sony’s appointment as CEO. Since they both revolve around Salem, Liu says, “I got you where I want you.”

In Sarah’s room, Maggie updates a supportive Victor on the phone, while Xander is sitting by Sarah’s bed. After Maggie hung up, Sarah began to stir. She looked over and said, “Xander?”

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