Sonic Frontiers: Fans are disappointed and are mobilizing on social networks!

Sonic Frontiers: Fans are frustrated and on social media! – California 18

Excited and then announced last December, Sonic Frontiers will wait until June 2022 to finally show itself. The new adventure of the blue hedgehog, which will take place in an open world, was first demonstrated through gameplay.

SEGA has big ambitions for the Sonic Frontiers, which are part of a The general context of the refocus blue hedgehog; Both films were huge hits, and the Sonic Prime series is on the way, all featuring a brand new game from Sonic Team.

Two gameplay presentations for Sonic Frontiers

We found out during gameplay shows that took place last week Vast environmentsConsists of many and strange structures, green plains, and Sonic Run, Jump, Roll and Slide. Without the reinforcements, Sonic admittedly needs some time to gain speed, but then we see him speeding through the zone. We had too Brief overview of the battles, where Sonic encounters strange robotic creatures. Roll over, pounce on opponents at full speed and It uses many technologies to overcome it.

Frustrated players ask for a postponement!

However, these two videos play It is far from convincing the audience And the masses. The title is still in development, but players quickly made clear their displeasure. besides ShotMaking decorative items appear at a long distance or less, players denounced A Lack of artistic direction In environments and structures “Put there” Without any clear logic, Limited speed feelingsMany have the impression of seeing Sonic Moving from one point of interest to another in an organized game “on the date”.

“Sonic Frontiers seems to have completed an open world game”. “Based on this video, I’m worried about the Sonic Frontiers. I was so excited, I’ve waited five years for this, and I’m not happy. I feel like, go out there, do this” Can we read in the comments the video broadcast of the battle show Things didn’t really help, as negative opinions were numerousNoting in particular its “softness” and solidity of the animation.

Generally, Players seem to be very concerned about what has been shownAlbeit only a short snippet, it likely was taken in an early gaming zone. trying to escalate things, Fans started the hashtag #DelaySonicFrontiers (Delay Sonic Frontiers)that was Repeated several thousand times on Twitter.

  1. DelaySonicFrontiers. I’m actually proud of the Sonic fandom because they finally decided they deserved better than what they’ve been getting for over a decade. Maybe we should stop whining about it, but you get the idea!

Do players have a chance to be heard by SEGA?

Fans are hoping SEGA will hear them for several reasons. First, there’s the case of the Sonic movie. During the broadcast of the first trailer for the feature film, the blue hedgehog began to appear Such a wave of protest that the entire design has been revised. Then players can build on the precedents, starting with the ones created by Halo Infinite.

Sonic Frontiers: Fans are frustrated and on social media!

It was presented in the summer of 2020, and the game did not convince at all, The studio pushed to delay the release for several months In order to respond to criticism and expectations. It is not yet known if SEGA will respond to these requests, or if the team has full confidence in its project. The answer shouldn’t take long, since Sonic Frontiers expected in Q4 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, and the Nintendo Switch.

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