Prince Charles greets the Queen in star-studded concert as street parties erupt across the UK on the third day of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations

Prince Charles greets the Queen in star-studded concert as street parties erupt across the UK on the third day of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations

Crowds at the Mall watch the Platinum Jubilee Concert in front of Buckingham Palace, London, Saturday 4 June 2022, on the third day of four days of celebrations marking the Platinum Jubilee.Niklas Hallen/The Associated Press

The United Kingdom celebrated the Queen’s platinum jubilee with outings, street parties and concerts on Saturday, even as the gentleman herself was absent from the festivities, after she reported unease on the first day of the four-day holiday.

Britain’s longest-serving monarch did not appear at any of the main events on Saturday: the Epsom Derby, an annual horse race held in Surrey, and the “Platinum Party at the Palace,” a star-studded concert outside Buckingham Palace. Diana Ross, Duran Duran, Alicia Keys, and a special appearance recorded by Elton John.

In an emotional tribute, Prince Charles paid tribute to his mother for uniting the nation and for continuing to make history during her 70-year reign.

He spoke at a pop concert that opened with a comic of the 96-year-old enjoying tea with a Paddington Bear and listening to the Queen’s anthem “We Will Rock You” over a cup of Chinese tea.

The heir to the throne appeared at the end of the ceremony. With portraits of the Queen’s reign displayed on the walls, the 73-year-old prince said the jubilee gave the country the opportunity to express its gratitude.

Your Majesty, you have been with us in our difficult times. And we came together to celebrate moments of pride, joy and happiness,” Prince Charles told the 22,000-strong crowd, with millions more watching on TV.

“You’ve met us and talked to us. You laugh and cry with us, and most importantly, you’ve been there for us all these seventy years. You’ve pledged to serve your whole life — you keep delivering. That’s why we’re here,” referring to the Queen as a ‘mummy’ .

Prince William preceded his father with remarks emphasizing the Queen’s long-standing commitment to the environment as he highlighted the need to combat climate change. The show began with a clip of the Queen’s Christmas message in 1989, in which she called on all nations to work together to protect the Earth for “our children and our children”.

William said that message is still relevant today.

“I very much hope that my grandmother’s words will be as true 70 years later as they are tonight, that we as nations come together in common cause, because there is always room for hope.”

Of those two events, the derby was probably the one the Queen was most disappointed to miss. She was passionate about horse racing, having missed it only four times since 1952 – the year she was crowned – and getting her horses to race more often. Her daughter Princess Anne attended her place, while the event itself featured 40 jockeys who rode for her, along with several previous racehorses.

Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee Thanksgiving Service Goes Despite King’s Withdrawal

The 96-year-old also missed a special Thanksgiving party on Friday at St Paul’s Cathedral, where the Archbishop of York thanked her for “keeping in the saddle”. After years of relentless appearances, King’s pace has slowed sharply in recent months due to mobility issues. In May, her heir, Prince Charles, stood on her behalf to read the Queen’s Address to Open Parliament. She had only missed the word twice before, both times because she was pregnant.

Across the capital, banners and banners bearing the Union Jack logo were hung in London’s buildings and streets on Saturday, and businesses jumped on the occasion to rebrand. Tea company PG Tips added corgis to their tea boxes, while Marks & Spencer was selling royal-themed molds on their famous cakes. Meanwhile, McDonald’s has tweaked its “I love it” brand to say, “I love it.” (The Queen is famous for being “the one”).

Parties, too, were not limited to palace-sanctioned events. On Saturday afternoon, The Folly, a bar and restaurant in central London, hosted a version of Jubilee Drag Queen Brunch featuring Drag and West End artists, in celebration of the “Queens of Pop”.

For the raucous cheering, the flag-waving, and the P-song! nk “Get The Party Started,” Drag Queen Ruby Murry – AKA Tom Lee – led a toast to “Our Queen – and all the queens!” Right after that, a singer chanted “Somebody to Love” by the Queen of course.

Taking a break outside the restaurant between groups, Robbie Morey said she’s well booked over the Jubilee weekend, from an event in Brighton on Thursday to a street party in the small town of Mortimer, of 3,622, on Friday.

“Everyone in town turned to it,” she said. “It is perhaps the most exciting thing that has happened in that city for a very long time.”

Although not identified as a royal, Morey said she drew inspiration from the Queen’s sense of colorful dress, and admired her flexibility.

“I can certainly see the Queen specifically as someone who has been conservative, consistent, and persistent on the public side,” she said, wearing an embroidered gown and white wig. “This has been her role for 70 years.”

People attend a jubilee-themed community lunch in Eton, near Windsor, UK on June 4, 2022.Toby Melville/Reuters

Sunday will mark the last day of the jubilee celebrations, and will include the “Grand Jubilee Lunch” being held in communities across the country, as well as the pageant that will end outside Buckingham Palace. The pageant is expected to represent key moments over the past 70 years, as well as celebrity appearances like Ed Sheeran and an assortment of carriages and dolls, including a gigantic dragon, and the recreation of her six-meter-high wedding cake accompanied by the British South. – Asian Dance Company Nutkhut, and a box of corgis dolls.

Robbie Morey will travel to Liverpool to host another jubilee themed party. After that, she said, it would be time for “royal rest.”

The sideshow for the jubilee celebrations was Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle, who have made their first public appearances as a married couple in the UK since resigning from royal duties and moving to the US. And William all sent letters to celebrate the birthday of Lillibit, the couple’s daughter named after the Queen.

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