Losing 3-0, Oilers pushed hard to extend the streak against the superior Avalanche team

Losing 3-0, Oilers pushed hard to extend the streak against the superior Avalanche team

Edmonton – The Edmonton Oilers would not be favored to beat the Colorado Avalanche, even if they had all their horses. We knew that when this series started.

But what this Western Conference final shows us is this: With a nurse Darnell’s 25-minute defensive line playing around 50 percent due to a core injury, and Lyon’s second-best striker Drysettl equally hampered with an ankle problem, there just isn’t enough hockey team here to run. in the Western season.

“They are a good team for hockey. I will keep saying that,” said downtrodden Conor McDavid, whose once-dynamic team has only scored two goals in the past six periods. “We are a good team too, and we have to find a way to score, find a way for defence, too. I think we can all live up to our despair. It should be at an all-time high.”

It’s not about despair anymore. And the Oilers have proven that they can play painfully. They have just as much heart and guts as everyone else – that’s not in question.

Colorado is simply the best, deepest team. To be honest, at this point, it wasn’t very close.

As this series moves into trash time, let’s count how many nine periods you think Edmonton have won in this series. Untethered, but won.

The third period of the game 1? The first period of the game 3?

We can argue the ties, but we’re talking about an Oilers who piled up a singles dash in Rounds 1 and 2, who rolled opponents to the ground, and now have two of their nine runs against this superior opponent.

“There are things we can do better,” admitted coach Jay Woodcroft, who was playing the piano as fast as he could in this series, yet was unable to find any results for all those buttons pressed. “I thought our competition, our attempt, was there tonight. In the end, it was just one game and they did an extra job and win.”

You can sum up this game in a 10-second window, as Woodcroft just did, when Evan Bouchard’s shot hit the post at the end of Colorado. The disc went south and found a new player from JT Compher coming out of the box. He won a fight against a tired Bouchard and sifted the wrestler through Mike Smith’s pads.

Poor goal on a night when you can’t ask for more from the goalkeeper. Well, maybe one provides more.

“This is a hockey game,” Smith said. “You just have to shoot one shot at a time and try to save your team when the chances arise. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen tonight.”

Unfortunately, instead of Edmonton leading 3-2, the difference was 3-2. As they say in the curling club, Edmonton found himself on the wrong side of an inch.

“It’s a game of inches,” MacDavid said. “If that was an inch on the other side for Bush, it would be. Like I said, not a great position, but it’s not over yet.”

With Evander Kane possibly no player in Game 4, awaiting a review of his cross-check that eliminated Nazim Qadri from this series, and Drysittle stumbling more after a strong foothold than Nathan McKinnon, you’ll have to stare at a beauty that’s hard to see this series find its way to Denver in a game 5.

You never know how or where it ends, but this series is totally over with Game Mode 4 on Monday Night in Mudville, where there is no fun today.

“We just said it’s not an ideal place but we don’t give in to each other,” Cody Cisse said, moments after the match. “We are going to play it one game at a time. So all we are looking for is the next match. Hopefully we can get it out and try to get one in their fold as well.”

This version of the Oilers – with two main attackers in Jesse Puljujarvi and Warren Foegele simply not helping enough or making any noticeable difference, with injuries, and the ability to avalanche on McDavid as Edmonton’s sole threat – will be pressured hard to extend the streak.

The impulsive strange man who overwhelmed Los Angeles and Calgary missed.

McDavid’s charm was rejected by Colorado.

Zach Hyman’s ability to spin the disc until a recording opportunity arises, appears to have expired.

So does this fantastic season for the Edmonton Oilers, who were decimated by a team superior in many elements.

Sometimes you just have to turn your hat.

2022-06-05 04:51:00

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