BC Hydro is anti-prime and off-line, says local MLAs

BC Hydro is anti-prime and off-line, says local MLAs

“You don’t see the natural gas industry out there saying, ‘Hydro screw’, whatever the meme looks like…their jokes fell off, written by someone with no understanding of the integrated resource sector in BC”

Domestic MLAs recall BC Hydro side drilling on their industrial neighbors and partners in northeastern British Columbia

Utilities took to social media on Wednesday to tweet a Star Wars-inspired meme mocking the natural gas industry with the hashtag “#FarewellFossilFuels.”

“Natural does not mean clean,” BC Hydro said in its message posted on Wednesday morning, and it has since been reposted more than 100 times.

The tweet drew swift jeers from Twitter users, including Peace River MLAs Dan Davies and Mike Bernier, who criticized BC Hydro’s public messaging for being “childish” and under the standards of a publicly owned company.

“This is completely outside the scope of the company,” Bernier tweeted in response, saying that the B.C. NDP government “appears to be doing everything in its power to attack the resource sector and all First Nations and the communities that support it.”

Bernier said the tweet affected him, “especially after the government increased the tax on fossil fuel appliances as many of us don’t have a choice.”

Davies said he was surprised to see rural communities “attacking” BC Hydro which operates in the resource sector for the benefit of all British Columbians. He replied, “I would suggest deleting this tweet and sticking with your path.”

BC Hydro is building a $16 billion Site C dam on the Peace River outside of Fort St. Pipeline.

Among the projects is the $239 million Salam Area Electricity Supply Project to meet demands for natural gas exploration and development in South Salam. It is also studying the possibility of building a new transmission line to electrify operations in North Montney.

BC Hydro is also spending tens of millions to power LNG operations in Kitimat, where LNG Canada is expected to operate for at least 40 years – after 2050. Developers are calling for more LNG projects to be built in British Columbia as well, with Woodfibre in Squamish receiving Recently green light for construction in 2023.

In a statement, BC Hydro spokesperson Simi Hare said the facility “has a significant opportunity” to help the industry reduce emissions, and that development of electrification projects “includes moving away from heating and transitioning fossil fuels to clean hydropower.”

“Our social team is working to raise awareness of hydropower and how it can help people reduce carbon emissions in British Columbia. This includes creating compelling and humorous content that gets people to stop and pay attention,” said Hare. “In fact, the social content shared yesterday has led to a very healthy discussion about energy sources and climate change.”

Davis said Thursday that Hydro’s tweet was “childish” and that the global energy crisis is no joke.

“In what we’ve seen with the energy crisis around the world, the need for natural gas in places like Europe, and major developing economies like India and China, it’s incredibly short-sighted for this Crown to underestimate such an important industry,” Davies said. British”.

“Not this or that. Hydro is just as important as natural gas. You don’t see the natural gas industry out there saying, ‘Hydro screw, whatever the meme looks like,'” he said. british columbia integrated resource sector

Other Twitter users across the political spectrum criticized the tweet, with one saying it was a “bad image to throw all customers at their account.”

Local user Rebecca King Pimm said: “Whoever runs @bchydro social, you’re totally immature. Please grow up and have some fairness in the conversation.”

Even Fort St. John businessman and former MLA independent candidate Bob Federley weighed in.

“Anyone who has looked at the Valley of Peace now knows that there is nothing clean, renewable or green in #CITIC Dam,” Federley tweeted. “The only thing worse than destroying the environment is the economy.”

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