His eyes were so terrifying: a woman testifies that Hedley Jacob Hoggard's character was like a "psychopath."

His eyes were so terrifying: a woman testifies that Hedley Jacob Hoggard’s character was like a “psychopath.”

Warning: Contains graphic content

In her testimony on Tuesday, the woman testified that Front Commander Jacob Hoggard acted like a “psychopath” when he repeatedly raped a young Ottawa woman in a hotel room in downtown Toronto in November 2016 and strangled her so badly that she thought he would kill her.

“He was crazy,” she said. “His eyes were so terrifying.”

Hoggard, 37, has pleaded not guilty to sexually touching a person under 16 and two counts of sexual assault causing bodily harm. He admitted that he had a “sexual encounter” with both complainants, one of whom was a 16-year-old cheerleader at the time.

The identities of both women are off-limits to sexual assault complainants.

On Tuesday, the biggest complainant, now in her late 20s, told a jury that she met Hoggard on Tinder in November 2016 in Ottawa. He was using a fake name but she recognized his face and sent her a photo on Snapchat to confirm it was him.

Headley was in town to perform on We Day and the complainant happened to be a volunteer there as well. She said that Hoggard asked her to meet him in the green room before their performance but she refused.

She said they planned for her to take the train to Toronto two weeks later to meet him and have sex. I arrived at the Thompson Hotel on the morning of November 22, 2016.

She said Hoggard met her in the hallway and they went to a hotel room that he told her wasn’t his usual room, she said.

She said she was a little nervous but she was fine about meeting him.

When they entered the hotel room, she said, “he pushed me against the wall and tried to kiss me.” It was “uncomfortable and embarrassing” and she pushed her body back. Then he lay on the bed and was drinking what he told her was “thin,” she said – a drink usually made of cough syrup and soda. She said he seemed ecstatic and different from the cute guy who had texted her before.

She said he didn’t act like the person she was expecting to meet.

She said he seemed upset because she seemed to be on a “stalemate” and that he told her she could only go home if she wanted to. She said they were all “talkative” and expected more.

She said she decided to stay because she was already there and had no way of going home until later that day.

About noon, they moved into his regular hotel room, and immediately, she said, he pushed her onto the bed, stripped her clothes, and anally raped her. Over the course of three or four hours, she said, he raped her several times in the anus, vagina, and mouth. She said he did not use a condom.

She said she said to him over and over again, “No, stop, you’re hurting me” and was crying but it didn’t make a difference.

At one point, he patted her on the head, calling her a “good girl,” so she would keep quiet, and that it would be over soon, she said. She said he also made vocals for pigs, calling them pig and slut.

She said he strangled her with both hands until she couldn’t breathe. She said she could see her face turning red in the mirror above the headboard.

“I remember looking in the mirror and thinking he might kill me and no one knows where I am,” she said.

She said he slapped her in the face several times while raping her. He kept telling her to hit him back and she didn’t do that because she was afraid of him, even though she wanted to, she said. She said he also opened her mouth and spat in it.

She said that in another moment he grabbed her legs and pulled her off the bed. She said she hit the floor and dragged her into the bathroom. She said he would sit on her chest and pee on her, telling her to pee on him. She said she refused and it didn’t happen.

Over the course of three or four hours, she said, he ordered room service.

She said when she went to use the bathroom, she realized she was bleeding and told Hoggard.

She said he eventually called her a taxi and she went to the train station. She said he texted and said it was a “great time” and that he can’t wait to see her again.

She testified that she was “disgusted” by the letter.

“He knows what he did and I don’t know why he would say that after doing that to someone,” she said.

I called a friend and told her a little bit about what happened but she said it was hard to do because she was embarrassed and ashamed.

She said she felt stupid for going there and letting someone do it to her.

The next night she told a friend and roommate what had happened, and they told her to send a letter to Hoggard. “You raped me,” she told him, and said she wanted an apology. She said he responded and said it was consensual. She said the message sounded different from his usual tone. She also called her briefly, she said. She told him again that he raped her and that she wanted to apologize, but he did not apologize and denied that he raped her, she said.

Six days later she went to the doctor for an STD test and because she was concerned about pain in her vaginal area, she said.

She said she did not save any messages or take pictures of the bruises on her body. Her plan at the time was to not tell anyone else and “pretend that it never happened.”

“I didn’t think anyone would believe me, because I went there thinking we were going to have consensual sex and I was raped instead,” she said.

But in 2018, she got to know a CBC reporter and shared her story anonymously.

“I felt so relieved to say it out loud,” she said. “Someone would believe me.”

She testified after that interview, which went to the police.

In cross-examination, Hoggard’s attorney Megan Savard noted that the complainant had been left alone three times while Heegard was taking a shower, and that she had access to her phone at that time and for an hour before she left. Savard suggested that the complainant could have left at any time.

“You can’t leave the room when you are being raped,” the complainant said. She agreed that she was not held all the time and that she could speak to the hotel staff.

Savard also noted that the complainant was upset because she was expecting to go to an event later that day with Hoggard and had brought clothes and makeup with her, but instead he asked her to leave. The complainant said that was not the plan and that it was customary for her to bring extra clothes and make-up so she could make the final touches.

Savard suggested that in the immediate aftermath of his departure from the hotel, the complainant was not sure that she had been sexually assaulted and that in a phone call to her friend she said Hoggard was probably only interested in violent sex and was not sure if he had crossed. Line. The complainant said she did not say so. She confirmed that she was sure that she had been raped but said it was embarrassing and embarrassing to talk about it.

The trial is continuing.

If you or someone you know is experiencing sexual violence or abuse, you can call the Abused Women Helpline at 416863 0511 or 0511 1866863 or text #SAFE (#7233) on your Bell, Rogers, Fido or Telus mobile phone.

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