The Curry Warriors beat the Mavericks 2-0 with a remarkable victory

The Curry Warriors beat the Mavericks 2-0 with a remarkable victory

San Francisco Luka Doncic has been in control most of the night, screaming in celebration and flexing his arms at Stephen Curry’s house.

Then Curry and the Golden State Warriors delivered one of the signature third-quarter shakeouts that defined a lot of the post-season run. – With this released by Kevin Looney.

Just like that, they won twice after returning to the NBA Finals.

Curry scored 32 points with six throws and eight rebounds, Looney scored 21 points and 12 rebounds, and the Warriors beat the Dallas Mavericks 126-117 on Friday to advance 2-0 in the Western Conference Finals. .

“I feel honored just to be a part of the journey,” Looney said.

Doncic scored 42 points and the Mavericks topped the game before Golden State snatched its first lead of the night on the Auto Porter Junior three-pointer index 18 seconds into the fourth minute.

“We were able to use that as impetus,” Porter said.

Doncic scored 18 points in the first quarter, two points short of his 20-point total in the first game. His triple indicator with 13 seconds before the end of the first half – MAFZ ranked 15th in the first half – 72-58 in the first half and gave it 24 points.

“Against a good guy, you’re just trying to limit the easy things,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said.

Doncic even got a shout out on Twitter from Oakland’s MC Hammer: “Okay little Luca…we see you.”

But Golden State responded with a score of 25-13 in the third quarter to pull 85-83 into fourth Exiting the first half with a performance reminiscent of those triggers in the third quarters of the past. The Warriors trailed by 19 points at a time.

“We know how good they were as a team in the third quarter, it’s just something that got away from us as the game went on,” said Dallas forward Reggie Bullock.

Doncic shoot 12 to 23 and shine in a great game of shot making The Warriors finished 56.1% of the floor. In the first half alone, Dallas outperformed Golden State by 52.3% to 51.2%, including 55.6% to 53.3% from a 3-point range.

Then Looney scored 11 points in a 5-6 shot in third place, and Golden State beat Dallas 68-45 after the end of the first half.

Doncic said: “They are the Warriors. They have a great team. They are a championship team. We have to adjust our defense. We went up at 19, so it’s a tough situation. But I can’t look back. What happened, it happened. So we have to move on. .”

The series moves to Dallas for Game 3 on Sunday. Golden State is two wins from returning to the NBA Finals for the first time since making five straight runs from 2015-19.

“We’re going against one of the best teams in the league,” said Muvs coach Jason Kidd. “It’s happening. They’ve kept serve. We’ve seen that in Phoenix so now we have to go back and just focus. In Game 3.”

Jordan Paul scored 23 points from the bench, Andrew Wiggins scored 16 points, and Klay Thompson – Contract without goals in the first half of the series opening – Added 15 points for the second consecutive game. Golden State scored 62 points in the paint.

Galen Bronson scored eight of Dallas’ first 14 points en route to 31. The Mavericks shouldn’t have seen much of Draymond Green, who made his fifth foul with 6:01 left in third, then back with 6:33 left before Pollution with 2:25 to go.

Teams tangled with 8:03 left in the second quarter in front of the Dallas seat. The Warriors reserve Damion Lee closed when Davis Bertans hit a triple pointer from the corner and Bertans Lee stumbled and sent him to the ground hard. Administrator Eric Lewis had to obstruct me.

Players are given two double techniques.

In the first game a couple of days ago, Doncic faced a stifling defense from Wiggins and shot 6-for-18 and 3-of-10 from depth. Kid expects a much better outing in Game 2.

Golden State continued to push the pace and scored 16 spins after 15 in the opener. In the first half, Kerr asked his team to settle down.

He said, “I told them that if we developed some poise in the second half, the match would come to us. But I thought we were very far away in the first half. Maybe more emotionally than anything else. Dallas came out and we just punched us.”

You can depend on her

Moving back into the starting line-up for Game Six in the semifinals against Memphis, Looney shot 10 to 14 after scoring all five of his goals in the first game.

“He’s been rock on the inside for us…when he’s there doing all the dirty work, cleaning up the bouncers,” Porter said.

Looney made his second career career after the double season ended.

“Tonight was my night to make a big difference and I just moved forward,” said Looney.


Mavericks: Dallas topped 16 in the first quarter. … The Mavs were beaten again at 43-30 after a 51-35 defect in Game 1. They committed 12 fewer turns after Doncic scored seven in the series opening.

Warriors: G Gary Payton II – who broke his left elbow due to a foul when hit by Memphis star Dillon Brooks on May 3 in a quick break for Flagrant 2, was ejected and suspended for one game – performs a light solo action on the field that includes a non-dominant right-handed shooter and returns evaluated within a week. … F Andre Iguodala missed his ninth game in a row with a disc injury in his neck continuing his rehab with physiotherapy and training in the weight room with some light work on the court. The Warriors said they will provide an update when they are allowed to practice. …Golden State improved to 8-0 at home in this post-season and are 18-5 in the second game dating from 2015. …the green was voted for the NBA All-Defensive Second Team.

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