Apple iPhone 14 Pro: Insider teases surprise upgrade

Apple iPhone 14 Pro: Insider teases surprise upgrade

May 30 update below. This post was first published on Sunday, May 29, 2022.

A new report claims that a cool new feature could be coming to the iPhone 14 Pro, backed by software that is about to be revealed.

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The next big version of the iPhone software, iOS 16, will be revealed at Apple’s upcoming special event, the 2022 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The keynote will be a pre-recorded event but with a single unit: broadcast to a small group of developers in Cupertino and at the same time to the rest of the world. It could include unveiling Apple’s biggest new product category in nearly eight years.

May 30 update. There are more leaks about the upcoming WWDC 2022 software festival and how it will affect the iPhone 14 Pro and beyond. For a start, Gurman doubled down on several other reports, saying, “As I’ve discussed earlier, other iPhone 14 Pro features include a new front camera, Face ID, an A16 chip, and a 48MP rear camera. There’s also the ability to send emergency texts via satellite networks. This The latter is a certain Dozi, which was suggested last year for the iPhone 13 Pro and, believe it or not, the Apple Watch. Neither of them happened, but 2022 might be the year for that important upgrade. That means if you’re crunching in the back of the The place where a regular cellular signal can’t be reached, you can send an emergency text via satellite.Very cool.

in addition to. Some recent reports confirm what Mark Gorman said about iOS 16. Steve Troughton SmithFor example, he says, “WebKit has added an infrastructure for a ‘multitasking mode’ on iOS that certainly looks like a toggle that allows windows to be resized freely.”

In other words, something leaked on iOS points to its sister iPadOS and leads analysts to believe that the holy grail of iPad upgrades is on its way: full multi-window capabilities like what you get on a Mac. This is pretty big news, and Gurman reiterated what was said above, saying, “I expect big changes to windows and multitasking, particularly on the iPad. This is confirmed by a finding from Steve Troughton-Smith, who hints that Apple is building support in its web browsing framework for better window support”.

This would be a pretty big deal, and since it’s been so long ago, with a nice movement in that direction improving the overall experience, a big final move like this would be most welcome. As Troughton-Smith says, “If they’re really heading in that direction with the iPad, it will enable all-new form factors for iPadOS. Larger iPads, iPadOS laptops and desktops, extender screens, and more. You can See how Catalyst-optimized apps shine in the new iPad multitasking mode – a complete “desktop” experience.”

Of course, that could affect MacBook sales, but Apple said it never has to worry about breaking up sales of its products. As long as the customer sticks to Apple products, that is.

Back to Gorman’s other predictions news…

Even if it doesn’t, there’s sure to be a first look at Apple’s software platforms: iOS for iPhone, iPadOS for iPad, macOS for Apple Mac, tvOS for Apple TV, and watchOS for Apple Watch.

Now, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, in his latest Power On newsletter, has news about what iOS 16 contains. While most of the innovations are for software only, at least one mentions something that might be locked to the iPhone 14 series, or parts of it, alone. .

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always on screen

This is a feature that the iPhone did not have before, although there are a lot of Android phones available. However, Apple’s mantra seems to be “Don’t do it first, do it right”.

The best always-on screens show the time, what notifications you’re waiting for, whether there’s an alarm set, etc. You can configure it to show exactly what you want including, in the case of Huawei’s premium screens, nice animations. This means you can look at your iPhone and see the time, even without touching it.

All without killing the battery.

Gurman claims that this new feature, assuming it cuts, will be for the Apple iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, ie the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max, if that’s what the other two phones are called, then I won’t have it.

It’s a feature that’s been in the planning for a long time because, according to Gorman: “Something Apple originally planned for the iPhone 13. This would allow the iPhone to dramatically lower the frame rate on the lock screen and quickly display the information—similar to newer Apple Watches.”

If that happens, that’s a big problem.

Also in iOS 16

Gurman also claims that there will be a wide range of changes across the operating system, including, “Notification updates, iPad multitasking, Messages and health apps. The change also includes a part of the interface that is often an afterthought: the lock screen.”

It rightly indicates that the most used lock screen feature is probably the flashlight button – if your use is similar to mine, that is.

“Wallpapers with widget-like capabilities” are expected. There are no further details from Gurman about this, but it does look interesting and suggests a more creative and useful lock screen.


The next iPhone software is expected to see an improved Messages app with “social network-like functionality, especially in regards to voice messages.”

Messages already has a bunch of cool features like the ability to add confetti or balloons to texts and the fact that advanced elements are only available among Apple users add to the exclusivity and help stop the bulk transition to multi-platform WhatsApp, perhaps.


New features for the Health app on the iPhone are expected, while Gurman says there will be “a lot” of them. There are no more details yet.

More details as we have it, but it won’t be long until it’s fully revealed.

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