Shanahan from Maple Leafs confirms Dubas' return, Keefe will return for 2022-23 season

Shanahan from Maple Leafs confirms Dubas’ return, Keefe will return for 2022-23 season

Three days after watching the Toronto Maple Leafs drop in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs for the sixth consecutive season, team boss Brendan Shanahan said Tuesday that general manager Kyle Dupas and coach Sheldon how they will return for the 2022-23 season.

We will not make any excuses. I thought our players fought hard, and I think they played really well, losing to a great hockey team. “As players, management and ownership, we share everyone’s frustration with not getting the job done,” Shanahan said on Tuesday.

“Sure, as we look to next year, there will always be new faces. However, we will not make changes just to say we have made changes.”

Dubbas served as general manager of Maple Leafs for four seasons, and led the club to four play-offs in that period, having served as assistant general manager for the previous four campaigns.

Keefe served as head coach for two full seasons, after coaching the club during the 2019-20 season.

“I think Kyle has built a really good hockey team,” Shanahan said of Dubbas. “I think he’s made excellent adjustments along the way, and I think Sheldon is an excellent coach. As we look into next year, and start working towards next year, I think it’s important to mention that I see both of them very important in getting us to the next level, so when we get close to Next year, we come back, and we are ready to take the next step.

“As Kyle told the players today, the work for next year begins now. I am looking forward to working with Kyle and Sheldon for next season.”

When asked about his special relationship with Keefe — which dates back to the pair’s OHL days with Soo Greyhounds, and ran through AHL affiliate Maple Leafs as well — Dupas similarly gave a vote of confidence to his head coach.

“We worked together on three different levels, three different teams. We won once together, in other seasons we lost in conference finals, second rounds and of course the first rounds. But I think the great value in my relationship with him is that we can make We face each other and challenge each other.”

“I always thought that was the key, just in my experience, between the general manager and the coach relationship, can you argue, can you challenge each other, can you call each other when you think you’re below the standard you expect from each other? And you don’t have that reason in any Long-term relationship problems, and more, do you come back the next day and get stronger knowing you two are headed toward the same goal.

“I think that’s always been the case with Sheldon, which is why I value that relationship with him as much as I do.”

The talk about the team’s coaching staff has ballooned lately, not only because of the Maple Leafs’ first-round exit streak that spanned another year, but also because of the caliber of bench chiefs that have just hit the market.

When asked Tuesday if he was considering the potential impact of adding a veteran coach like Barry Trotz or Pete Debor – both of whom had been relieved of their duties by former NHL clubs this month – Dupas said he had not considered moving from Keefe to a more experienced sound.

“It didn’t cross my mind, and I think it’s because of my belief in Sheldon and the work he’s done here so far,” said the general manager.

“But also, I just think Sheldon will get better. I think when we talk about Sheldon 10 or 15 years from now, it will be the same way you talked about these two great coaches. And I think that will be played here in Toronto.”

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