Eric Bischoff thinks CM Punk has been in the financial slump of AEW - Wrestling Inc.

Eric Bischoff thinks CM Punk has been in the financial slump of AEW – Wrestling Inc.

Eric Bischoff continued his punches at CM Punk in the final episode of the 83 Weeks Podcast after their two entries last week on Twitter. The beef patch saw Punk tweet Bischoff, calling him a “badly intentioned old boss who takes Carne Debsch*t”, and Bischoff mocking the AEW star for his failed MMA career.

To add context to this story, Bischoff has been highly critical of CM Punk ever since the former WWE Champion made a comment about himself, and Adam Cole and Brian Danielson’s access to AEW was greater than Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. in WCW. This comment has been on hold with Bischoff since its release, and Punk has been constantly criticized for failing to live up to such a high level given the viewership numbers AEW does each week.

During this week’s episode of the podcast, Eric Bischoff talked about the beef on Twitter he had with CM Punk last week and mentioned why he chose to go back and forth with the AEW star. The former WCW president said he wasn’t trying to get into a fight but believes Punk is currently, “the biggest financial failure in wrestling history.”

I wasn’t fighting, I was responding,” Bischoff said. “Punk had some pretty intense comments that I suppose were directed at me because they were in response to something [Conrad] And I said in an interesting conversation about current wrestling, WWE and AEW. But he apparently got a small case of the rash** and decided to criticize him on social media.

“I like it a**, I like to get hits. Sometimes I don’t really wake up to get hit hard, it’s just my nature but he threw a punch on social media and thought this would be fun so I answered. I pointed out that this was a guy who came out and said it’s for a guy Thinking it was a bigger deal than Scott Hall and Kevin Nash coming to WCW, he’s fallen so far on his face.

“I posted his quote, I didn’t make up anything. I took his quote and posted it and said how is it done? And it’s not, obviously. In terms of ROI, this guy has got to be the biggest financial failure in wrestling history.”

Continuing with his opinion that Punk hasn’t been able to increase the viewership of AEWs, Eric Bischoff talked about being okay with being wrongly proven in this situation due to things we don’t know about. The WWE Hall of Famer also said he doesn’t think Punk is finished enough for AEW to keep coming up with new ideas and merchandise to live up to the investment they’ve made in him.

“How much net worth from t-shirt sales is in the millions? Nobody knows as we respond to comments that have not been supported,” Bischoff said. “If someone could instruct me, I would take my word for it and I would be happy to do so. I am wrong a lot, I am aggressive, I try new things, I talk a lot and I am not always right, and if I am wrong, I am wrong.

“All we get so far is ‘He’s selling a lot of merchandise,’ but what’s that amount? By the way, once you get the initial excitement of anyone, not just CM Punk, you can bring someone in, launch a new T-shirt, new merchandise, and be a hit Then their levels just go down until you come up with something new and if you’re really done, you can keep coming up with new goods and filling up the tank. I don’t know if that’s true.”

To make his point one last time, Eric Bischoff reiterated that the only thing he can judge Punk is TV ratings and in terms of these numbers, he described Punk as a terrible return on investment. The WWE Hall of Famer also stated that comparing Punk to the nWo superstars fell flat and is not accurate.

“In the context of the conversations we’ve had on this show, which have been the catalyst for Punk’s social media response, we’re talking about TV ratings, we’re talking about impact,” Bischoff said. “We haven’t talked about the broader range of revenue opportunities. In terms of TV, it’s been a terrible return on investment.

“I’m not saying he definitely had no influence on advertising, only Turner Broadcasting knows it. Nobody in AEW knows that because AEW doesn’t sell their own ads, as Turner does. Regarding the context of Punk comparing himself to Randy Savage and Scott Hall and Kevin Nash and the impact they’ve had on WCW vs. Face.

“It came to 1.17 million people who came out to see its Friday night debut on Rampage, it’s down to about 400-500K on average. Punk’s primer on Dynamite had 1.29 million likes and they’ve come, seen and left and now they’re hovering around 900,000. What they were doing, I don’t know, a year, a year and a half. When Punk comes out and says it’s a bigger deal than Scott Hall and Kevin Nash coming to WCW, it creates a paradigm shift with people who watch wrestling, where Punk has created absolutely nothing.”

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