Sale of Maya from Sunset responds to Kristen's false claim in storylines

Sale of Maya from Sunset responds to Kristen’s false claim in storylines

sunset sale Season Five Follow up on spoilers.

sunset sale Maya Vander has debunked Kristen Quinn’s allegations that the Netflix reality show contains false stories.

Ahead of Season 5’s release last month, Kristen took to Twitter to claim that the show includes “fake stories”Which raises the public’s questions.

However, star Maya responded to the allegations, saying metro: “We shoot for five or six months and things really happen as we go. We don’t get a script. They don’t tell us what to say and how to say it.”


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Referring to Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim’s relationship in Season 5, Maya added, “People thought Chrishell and Jason were a PR stunt, which he wasn’t. Unfortunately, you see them break up on the show.”

The star continued, “There’s always tension and drama with Kristen and the rest of the cast, so things happen and I think that’s what makes the show so successful because things happen and it’s not always perfect.”

Kristen caused a lot of drama at the end of season 5 after Emma Hernan claimed that her co-star of the show bribed one of her clients not to work with her, which Kristen denied.

Kristen Quinn

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Since the beginning of the events, Jason confirmed during the reunion episode of the show that, “At the moment there is no place [Christine] in the Oppenheim group.

“Now, in the future, if I take real estate seriously, if I can understand its perspective on things, if it changes its behavior, if I make a big list, there are plenty of reasons why I consider it to have a place in the Oppenheim Collection. But I have to say that at the time Current, there is no place.”

Elsewhere in the reunion episode, Amanza Smith revealed rumors that she is dating Zac Efron, while Chrishel confirmed that she is in a relationship with rapper J Flip.

sunset sale Seasons 1 through 5 is now available to stream on Netflix.

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