Has the attractiveness of the Tesla brand waned along with its share price?

Has the attractiveness of the Tesla brand waned along with its share price?

On Friday, Tesla’s stock closed at $663.90 – up 6.43% for the day. The Tesla brand has seen an often disturbing upswing over the course of 52 weeks, with a rally of $1,243.49 per share as well as a downward spiral last week.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s general behavior appears to be negatively affecting the stock. His stated attempt to acquire Twitter caused financial turmoil in both companies. Other factors have also contributed to Tesla’s recent poor performance. For example, accusations about Mask’s personal behavior may make many shareholders uncomfortable. Tesla’s Shanghai plant has cut production due to the Covid-19 shutdown there, with many Wall Street analysts warning of the turmoil in the country weighing on Tesla’s results. Tesla’s exclusion from S&P’s ESG index due to vehicle safety and labor concerns has sparked outbursts of Musk’s hypocrisy. All of this — and more — has had negative effects on the Tesla brand.

Investors are swinging.

It’s certainly not the first time that Tesla’s stock valuation has been volatile. A question remains. Is a Tesla product so cool and so flexible that it can withstand these forces?

Note also that the stock market in general is dropping significantly in the face of rising interest rates and other macro factors.

(Note: I own some shares of Tesla stock. This article is in no way intended to be financial advice. I am an educator and researcher by profession.)

Katie Wood, founder of ARK Invest, a longtime Tesla bull, forecasts a 2026 price target for the electric car maker’s shares at $4,600. Despite this, Tesla isn’t the biggest company in the ARK Innovation ETF anymore.

Motley asshole He says that, even with the stock-based distractions, Tesla as a company has become an “absolute powerhouse”. The company reported a strong first quarter, set ambitious long-term goals and exciting investors. As revenue has grown faster than production, Tesla is making better profit margins than ever before on every car it produces. This revenue growth flows into the bottom line, with quarterly net income up 658% year over year. the fool He concludes, “Today may be one of the best opportunities to buy Tesla stock in a long time. Don’t worry about getting the lowest price ever; a shift in sentiment can happen at any time and cause the stock to rally rapidly.”

The The New York Times, however, writes that investors are reevaluating the hypothesis that justified the “astronomical” stock price of Tesla and made its founder, Elon Musk, the richest person in the world. They say Tesla’s trillion-dollar valuation makes sense, if only if investors believe the electric car company was on track to dominate the auto industry the way Apple governs smartphone profits or Amazon forces online retail.

Will the Tesla brand survive the turmoil around it and prove it can dominate the auto industry?

Could the Tesla brand prevail in tough market times?

Tesla buyers believe in the Tesla brand.

In 2016, Tesla published its “master plan, Part Deux,” which allowed its customer base to envision its own sustainability path as an integral part of Tesla’s identity. The plan invited customers to be a part of the process, to be personally involved in the journey, and to desire products that were so visionary. Customers have endorsed Tesla’s development of “computers on wheels”. They liked the company’s approach to placing a strong emphasis on the pace of innovation. They evaluated the company’s clear plans to mitigate emissions and address environmental concerns.

Tesla has led the way to all-electric mobility, and continues to do so, with the field of competitors making bold claims that they will overtake Tesla in market share but with virtually little prospect of catching a Tesla anytime soon.

Tesla also manages and controls the entire customer experience throughout the sales cycle. It does not rely on merchants or franchisees, but does use the allure of its products to inspire word of mouth and media interest. Without a traditional print and media advertising arm, Tesla has relied on Musk to address concerns about its finances, ability to mass-manufacture cars, and delivery delays — usually through social media.

The Model Y has been a clear pioneer of electric vehicles since its launch two years ago; The growth pace of the Model Y is remarkable and a testament to consumer support for the all-electric crossover.

The earliest we’ll see Cybertruck is late 2022 and a half into 2023, due to high demand for Tesla cars combined with a limited supply of EV batteries and some of the metals in them.

Tesla has set goals to produce batteries internally to halve costs for the most expensive part of the EV. Tesla’s 4680 lithium-ion batteries – 46 mm in diameter and 80 mm long – hold about 5 times the energy of their current smaller 2,170 cells. Tesla can use fewer new cells for the same power and driving range, reducing costs.

The 2021 Tesla Impact Report provided several insights into corporate governance. Within this narrative was an explanation of the Tesla Board of Directors’ responsibilities and task of continually evaluating the company’s governance structure, practices, and policies. He stated that the board balances stakeholder feedback, including proposals generated at annual meetings.

The JD Power Performance, Execution, and Planning (APEAL) study examines new car owners’ evaluations of their experiences with their new vehicle after 90 days of ownership. Study data provides insight into experiences related to design, performance, safety, ease of use, comfort, perceived quality, and other factors. In 2021, the unofficial score of 893 for the Tesla brand was higher than for any other brand, which the study described as “impressive.”

APEAL is based on more than 40 attributes combined into 10 experience groups:

  • Boarding your vehicle
  • Prepare and start your vehicle
  • Getting in and out of the car
  • inside your car
  • The powertrain of your car
  • The feeling of driving your car
  • Your car keeps you safe
  • Use the infotainment system
  • Driving comfort
  • fuel usage

The APEAL study measures the owner’s emotional attachment to his new car and in areas where this car may not offer all the positive experiences he had hoped for. Understanding this is as important to automakers as knowing about quality issues and owner acceptance of new technologies. Tesla’s high scores indicate that the Tesla brand is unaffected by the whirlwind of social media.

Perhaps the share price is not separate.

Falling stock prices continue to hurt the Tesla brand

Tesla accepts that the company is often a one-man show, and Musk frequently uses Twitter to respond to perceived insults. He has the power to use his platform as the world’s richest person to drive solidarity and corporate social responsibility, to inspire those of us who struggle with daily stasis to breathe in the inspiring air of endless sustainable energy. He did not choose this path.

On the other hand, Tesla’s management team expects to increase vehicle deliveries by 50% per year over several years. Tesla delivered 310,048 electric vehicles in the first quarter of 2022.

However, the public face of Tesla’s promise is not enough for some shareholders. Billionaire Leo Koguan, who claims to be the third-largest individual shareholder in Tesla stock, is calling on the automaker to announce a $15 billion share buyback as the company’s share price continues to slide. In a tweet to Martin Vicha, Tesla’s senior director of investor relations, Koguan said the company should immediately announce that it plans to buy back $5 billion of Tesla stock this year and $10 billion next year. He added that Tesla should use its free cash flow to fund repurchases and that it should not affect its current cash reserves of $18 billion.

Share buyback, when a public company uses cash to purchase its own shares on the open market, is a method companies use to try to return capital to shareholders.

Dan Ives, analyst Wedbush and Thor Tesla, said: CNBC That Musk’s plan to buy Twitter was “a huge burden” on Tesla stock. Ives, who notes that he has followed Musk for decades, claims that Musk has had a “black eye” in the past few weeks. “The way he handled this, I think, was unreasonable,” Ives said, adding that it “left a little bit of a stain” on Tesla stock.


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