Bruce Boudreaux: The plan and the desire to come back

Bruce Boudreaux: The plan and the desire to come back

What are the “little details” to work on between the Boudreau and Canucks management?

Who will be the coach of the Vancouver Canucks next season?

Probably Bruce BodroThat’s not surprising given how he turned the team’s fortunes last season. But it’s not 100 percent certain.

second year of Bodro The current contract is an option year. Either side has the option to back out of the contract, with Canucks paying a fine if they choose to do so. Kanucks said they want to Bodro Return but they are not ready to offer a contract extension before next season. While that, Bodro It will only be under contract for that other year.

“In our business, you have to be careful with your decisions and you have to do them for the right reasons,” said Jim Rutherford, Canucks head of hockey operations. “If you don’t, one day you will have a situation where you pay three or four coaches in the same year. That is when management becomes difficult.”

In other words, offering a long-term contract extension to a coach who may need to be fired in the future may cause team ownership to start questioning why he pays so much money to coaches who no longer work for the team.

The plan and the desire to return.

Still, Canucks want Bodro Back. And Bodro wants to return. This was echoed in a report by Rob Simpson of Vancouver Hockey Now, who spoke with him Bodro Wednesday.

“I have a special relationship with these players in Vancouver as I did with the players in Washington in my first job in the National Hockey League,” he said. Bodro for Simpson. “I’m just taking a break here, the plan and desire is to come back.”

who – which Bodro Wanting to come back is nothing new. It’s something he repeated many times at the end of the season, although he said several times that any negotiations would take place once the season was over.

However, there is something fairly new in the report. to me Bodrothe delay in deciding to return is mostly just because he needs a break after Canucks He runs. But there is also what Simpson refers to as “minor details” that must be ironed out with Rutherford and Canucks Director general Patrick two thousand.

Bodro She hopes to set a couple items with management next week, and would like to sort things out within the next 10 days, if possible,” Simpson reports. “Things are not about his tenure or his salary.”

This is an interesting statement in light of what Rutherford and two thousand He said at their end of year press conference.

“He’s done a good job since he got here,” Rutherford said. “He’s a player coach. He motivates and extracts as many players as possible. So, I loved the work he did.”

“He knows we want him again. He was told that before the season was over, so he knows where we stand. He did a great job but he hasn’t trained here for a whole season. We’d like to see him again and work with him on some things – everyone is working together to make it better.”

It’s the last part – wanting to work Bodro On some things – this is very interesting, especially with the other comments that Rutherford has made about Canucks The structure and the difficulty of breaking the disc outside the defensive zone. As much as the Canucks want to bring Bodro Again, it looks like they want to make some changes to the team’s systems.

Are these two “items” that need to be nailed?

The head coach and general manager should be on the same page

It is important to keep this in mind Bodro has not been two thousand employment. General managers usually want to bring in their head coach to help determine how the team will play on the ice.

It is especially important that the general manager and head coach are on the same page heading to its season. If the GM wanted a certain style of play from his team, he would acquire (and eliminate) players with that in mind. If the coach does not use this style of play, the winning players may end up being square pegs in circular holes.

If the general manager and coach are not on the same page, a coach who likes to use the bottom six attackers in a penalty kick, for example, might start the season without any good penalty kicks in those last six.

So, for the new GM to retain a pre-appointed head coach, they must see eye to eye on what they want the team to look like. Canucks fans have seen it before, when Mike Gillies I decided to keep the head coach Eye Vignault When he was appointed general manager of Canucks in 2008.

Gillies Specifically to see if Vignault It could reflect the trajectory away from the defensive thinking style they played during Dave Nunes GM was. This team was somewhat similar to the current Canucks team, and was overly dependent on a star goalkeeper. Gillies He wanted to build a team with an attacking mindset but needed to know if Vignault He will be able to train this technique.

“Put Eye during a very difficult period.” Gillies. “I designed 32 questions that I wanted him to answer. He answered them and we talked about why he feels the way he feels about certain questions, and I was not only satisfied, but very pleased with the answers. Many of them went into the true essence of coach-player relationships and he handled it admirably “.

He added: “We had to become a more attacking team. If you were going to succeed in the playoffs now, you would have to score goals, rather than the other way around – for years, you had to block goals. At the moment, in the way they are called penalty kicks and the style of play, you have to be able to record.

It worked out well for the Canucks, as they became one of the most offensive teams in the NHL over the next few seasons. Daniel and Henrik Sydney The team won consecutive Art Ross Cups, winning back-to-back the bosses Awards came, and the Canucks are one game away from winning the Stanley Cup.

So much of it started from Gillies And Vignault Being on the same page about what kind of team they want to see on the ice.

What is the identity of Canox?

right Now, two thousand And Bodro – Together with Rutherford – you will need to have the same conversation. Who do they want to be Canucks? What is the identity of the team and what will be the identity of the team? What types of players? two thousand Need to acquire and how will Bodro Do you need to train the Canucks to become that team?

There are other details, of course, that may need to be ironed out between the coach and the general manager.

There can be changes to the technical staff regardless of Bodro. When the Canucks sacked Travis Green as head coach, his assistant Nolan Baumgartner went with him, but the Canucks kept assistant coaches Jason King, Brad Shaw and Kyle. Gustafsonand video coach Daryl Seward.

while the Canucks Power play improved over the course of the season and finished in the top 10 in the league, penalty kicks were still one of the worst in the NHL, which could lead to changes.

June 1 is the deadline for Bodro To decide to return or not.

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