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Jill Duggar and Derek Dillard reveal income, detailing major financial difficulties

In 2017, Jill Duggar and her sisters filed a privacy violation lawsuit.

Now, in an ironic twist, the private information of these siblings continues to surface on the Internet as a result of this legal maneuver.

As previously reported… Jill, Jessa, Ginger, and Joy Anna filed a lawsuit against the City of Springdale, Police Department employees and other figures in authority after alleging that a police report of their older brother Josh’s harassment in 2006 caused “emotional distress.”

Josh, of course, admitted in 2015 that he touched his siblings inappropriately as a teenager and they were minors.

He was forced to make this confession because a national tabloid was provided with the above-mentioned police report and wrote an article on the alleged incidents.

Hence the legal filing by Gill & Co., who were outraged that this personal case was publicized via what they believed to be an illegal leak.

A judge dismissed the lawsuit brought by the Duggar sisters a few months ago, but a number of documents from the proceedings have now been made available online.

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For example, Jill confessed in court while her father, Jim Bob Duggar, emotionally abused her.

“I saw a whole new side of my dad once my husband and I started making the decision that was best for our family, but not in his best interest,” Gill told a psychologist.

“Unfortunately, I realized that he had become too controlling, fearful, and reactionary.”

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Claiming that Jim Bob was “verbally abusive” at times, Jill was quoted as describing their relationship as “not good” and added to the situation these days:

“We sometimes text a family thread, but I don’t feel comfortable being around and hanging out. He was verbally abusive. It’s not good for my mental health at the moment.”

In the same alarming vein, Jill’s husband, Derek Dillard, said as part of this lawsuit that Jim Bob stole all the money his kids made from reality TV – and kept it to themselves.

“Our neighbors bring boxes of food sometimes. I also got the food through the pantry on campus,” Dillard said in his testimony about how Jim Bob’s supposed actions affected his immediate family.

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Now, through Jill’s affidavit — captured September 1, 2021 and obtained by The Sun — the former Counting On member has stated that her income comes from social media, including product promotion and ads.

These platforms include Instagram, YouTube and d Facebook.

“We have Google Ads, and it’s a simple and easy way to make money,” Jill explained late last summer.

“You just, like, check boxes and then there are ads that I might not be aware of exactly, you know, what’s going on in there… Google ads are more like third party… Like, if you’re on YouTube, they’re going to appear during the video.”

Jill Duggar is back on Instagram

Duggar proceeded to explain that she has promoted a number of products on her family’s blog and on social media:

“On the blog, it would just be a blog post. And then the other things I would be working on would be something I would like to post with the product.”

Jill then revealed in the filing that she earned $10,000 from these types of posts in 2020.

Meanwhile, Derek sat down to testify on May 25, 2021 and spoke in more detail about the couple’s income, including what they earned from the credential.

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The father of two, who is expecting his third child later this year, confirmed in court that he started receiving only $500 to $1,000 per episode of TLC in “early 2017” until May of the same year when he left the show.

Dillard added that Jill made nearly $1,000 per episode and estimated that Michelle and Jim Bob earned $10,000 per episode.

At one point Derek was asked the following question:

“Have Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar treated you right in terms of TV shows?”

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“I’m not sure, because I think there is a lot of misunderstanding,” he replied in the filing.

“I thought we should have known and be able to decide whether we undertook the show or not.”

Derek also delved into the recent income of their immediate family, saying that the couple made $800 from their YouTube channel in April 2021.

While in law school, Derek relied on part-time work…including working as a chauffeur at Grubhub, where he was earning $800 a month.

Jill and Derek Poulside

Jill and Derek are expecting their third son to join seven-year-old Israel and four-year-old Wissam.

However, they claim that they can hardly feed their current families these days.

“Our neighbors bring boxes of food sometimes, and I also get food through the pantry on campus,” Dillard said in May of last year.

In the past, Jill and Derek have been outspoken about receiving no compensation from their time relying on .

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People Magazine previously reported that Jim Bob was responsible for the money all of his kids got from Counting On, reporting they received $25,000 to $45,000 per episode.

Jill and Derek, who first appeared on the series in 2015, have said they haven’t received Which Money from the series until his resignation in 2017.

“That was when we engaged a lawyer and eventually got some money back. It was a process,” Gill told this post several months ago.

“Maybe we ended up with a little more than minimum wage. But at least we were able to get something back.”

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