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Airport delays virtually force flight attendants to work for free: union

Christopher Reynolds, The Canadian Press

Posted Thursday, May 12, 2022 4:50 PM EST

MONTREAL – Flight attendants are virtually forced to work for free amid growing airport runway Delay – Especially in Toronto Pearson an airport – According to the largest union of workers.

The Canadian Federation of Public Employees, which represents about 15,000 flight attendants, says the blockage has occurred an airportThe long wait times that have plagued thousands of passengers in recent weeks are extracting what amounts to unpaid labor from cabin crew.

Flight attendants are usually compensated based on time spent in the air, so the hours they spend on the tarmac caring for frustrated travelers do not result in additional pay in some cases, while other collective agreements allow for half pay. The most acute problem in Canada an airport Since late last month, CUPE’s head of aviation, Wesley Lisowski, said it’s been playing after planes land and then sitting for up to three hours at the gate.

They are actively serving the water, helping people. “The cabins are getting hotter, because obviously they’re on the floor…you can tend to make sure the aisles are clean, the entrances are clean,” he said in a phone interview from Victoria.

“For Air Canada Rouge, there is no remuneration, no compensation for them. For Air Canada, it is 50 percent credit if the service manager claims it.”

He added that working on earth can be more stressful—and sometimes offensive—than serving in heaven.

“We’ve definitely seen a huge increase in angry customers, and health and safety issues in general for cabin crew.”

Time spent on board also leads to staff disruption between flights, which could conflict with contract provisions — a potential problem for airlines as well, said former Air Canada chief operating officer Duncan Dee, citing collective agreements and flight regulations.

“If flights are routinely delayed and crews fail to meet minimum crew rest, there will be a ripple effect when subsequent flights are delayed, not just because the aircraft arrives late, but because crews must have a minimum number of hours to rest after a full working day. “.

Even pay half the time on the tarmac Delay It could also end up costing package carriers, he added.

Lisowski says airlines and federal agencies need to hire more staff to improve passenger flow and that the “outdated” compensation system must be reformed.

an airports, particularly in Toronto and Vancouver, experienced hours-long security queues, customs jams and more. Delay Due to random COVID-19 testing as passengers take to the skies en masse after more than two years of pent-up demand.

Canadian Transport Minister Omar Al-Ghubra said on Wednesday an airport The security agency is increasing its staffing, but a shortage of workers is not the main cause of unacceptable processing delays – an assessment the sector disagrees with.

WestJet Group hopes to see the problem resolved through actions taken by government agencies.

“WestJet is deeply concerned about the state of services provided by government agencies at our air borders and security checkpoints,” spokeswoman Madison Krueger said in an email.

Together with Greater Toronto an airportThe authority, the carrier is calling for fewer “legacy public health requirements,” including ending random testing on arrival for international passengers, which takes up time and terminal space.

The union spoke with Air Canada Rouge representatives on Thursday afternoon, and planned to discuss business issues with Air Canada management later in the day, Lisowski said.

Air Canada did not immediately respond to questions from the Canadian Press.

This report was first published by The Canadian Press on May 12, 2022.

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