Who Is Jennifer Howell? Prominent Depp Trial Statement Goes Viral!

Who is Jennifer Howell? Depp’s eminent trial statement is spreading fast!

According to a social media post attributed to Jennifer Hoyle, the last week of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial is drawing to a close. The ad, distributed by Depp’s fans, alleges that Heard has been violent towards her sister and ex-husband. Depp denied the allegations in the ad.

Fairfax County Government letterhead documents were submitted for review but were not accepted as evidence. As a result, Heard’s legal team claims it was illegally obtained and used to mislead the public. The assertions in the declaration have not been independently verified and, as a result, cannot be used as evidence in court.

Depp, 58, issued Heard, 36, for $50 million over an op-ed she wrote in the Washington Post claiming she was a domestic violence survivor, and claiming she slandered him.

However, his lawyers argued that Heard’s reference to Depp was clear even though she did not use his name. Heard is suing $100 million in troubling damages in retaliation.

Each star accused the other of domestic violence during proceedings in Fairfax County Court. Both Depp and Heard denied the allegations of domestic violence against them by the other while they were dating.

When Whitney Henriquez testified on Wednesday, she alleged that Johnny Depp abused Heard during their 15-month marriage, which ended in divorce at the beginning of 2017.

Howell, an ex-girlfriend of Henriquez, was also raised during her degree.

The court’s announcement of July 26, 2020 made Howell a topic of discussion on social media in the final stages of the trial.

Who is Jennifer Howell?

More than two decades ago, Howell founded the nonprofit Art of Elysium, which she now directs. As a Los Angeles-based nonprofit, the organization helps artists serve their communities. It is said that more than 30,000 people take advantage of its services every year.

For six months in 2014, Henriquez was a volunteer at The Art of Elysium before becoming a full-time employee and working as an art salon manager/manager from 2015 to 2016 as a salaried employee.

Howell allegedly referred to Henriquez as her “chosen sister” in an ad seen by Newsweek, a term that the philanthropist confirmed in court and also used to describe the philanthropist.

Henriquez has also confirmed in court that she has moved out of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s LA penthouse and into the Howell home.

Depp is suing The Sun for calling him a “wife racket” after Henriquez testified against him in a London court in 2020, citing Heard’s accusations. Howell’s statement was allegedly in response to Henriquez’s testimony.

Whitney reportedly testified in court on July 23 about the March 2015 assault on movie stars at Johnny Depp’s apartment in London, according to my ad. In Johnny’s penthouse downtown, she testified that he allegedly beat Amber and Whitney to the stars.

Whitney then said she had to move in with her employer and sleep on the floor. I hired them. In fact, this is contrary to what I reported earlier.

At first, Whitney moved into my apartment on Wilshire Boulevard in the guest room, not on the floor but in the guest room. And secondly, when I arrived, Whitney was a complete mess. My friend Whitney told me she tried to stop her sister Amber from attacking Johnny on the stairs.

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She was worried Amber was going to kill Johnny.

Who is Jennifer Howell?  Depp's eminent trial statement is spreading fast!

She tells Whitney that Amber almost pushed Whitney down the stairs when she tried to stop Amber from following Johnny. The ad continues, “She told me she was worried Amber was going to kill Johnny.”

According to an advertisement, Henriquez told Howell that the alleged scenes of violence between the current ex were a continuation of the abuse she had been subjected to for several years.

Henriquez told Howell she was abused by her father and then Amber, whom she described as “extremely violent,” Howell recalled. shed [where Depp and Heard live] She was very far from her, so she moved in with me. Whitney moved in with me because she was afraid of her sister, and remembered my dad this morning.

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allegations of violence

According to the ad, Henriquez allegedly told co-workers that Heard had cut Depp’s finger while he was working. Rather than admitting or denying what happened to Depp’s allegations, Heard accuses Depp of masterminding the whole thing.

According to the document, Henriquez also specified in their turbulent relationship that her sister was violent.

A statement from Whitney, who was living with me, stated, “Johnny kept checking to see how Whitney was behaving and that he referred to her as a ‘sister’ and she referred to him as a ‘brother.

Whitney told me on multiple occasions that she had no idea why he stayed in the relationship or why he put up with Amber’s violence.

“Whitney told me about the trauma she and Amber had suffered as a child, as well as the physical and psychological injuries she sustained from Amber. Whitney was unbearable during this time, and my heart went out to her.

Whitney came back from New York (I think it was for the Tribeca Film Festival, or the premiere of The Adderall Diaries, or both) to tell me and everyone else in the office that Amber had a breakdown and attacked Whitney in the elevator.

“Oh, my God, I’ve done that now,” Whitney, who was in the office while Amber and Johnny were in Australia, said loudly. She lost her finger to her.”

Howell’s ad states that the philanthropist wrote the Aquaman star as a reference for the character because she volunteered for the charity and attended events when Heard was in legal trouble in Australia in 2015 for illegally bringing her dogs into the country.

Who is Jennifer Howell?  Depp's eminent trial statement is spreading fast!

He also received a humanitarian award from the organization, according to Howell proclaimed.

Howell was quoted as saying, “I’m still grateful for that.” “Until I became close to Whitney, I knew nothing of her private life.”

The ad claims that after Heard divorced Deep, Howell began to wonder why the non-profit was being overlooked in favor of financial support.

“Instead, I was told that the money would be donated to the ACLU and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.” “I asked Amber’s publicist why the money would go to these two other huge charities she wasn’t affiliated with when she and Amber were so keen on using our name in the press during the divorce?

There are more prominent charities with a wider media reach and international coverage, Amber’s publicist said. Months later, we received a donation of $250,000 “on behalf of Amber Heard” from an anonymous donor. Amber was not the source of the money. I had the impression that Elon [Musk, Heard’s ex-boyfriend] Make this donation.”

In a statement to The Mirror, Henriquez denied the allegations in the ad in July 2020, saying: “This is complete fiction.” According to Jennifer Howell, “I have no idea why she would say this.”

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Why is Jennifer Hoyle’s ad so controversial?

Who is Jennifer Howell?  Depp's eminent trial statement is spreading fast!

Although it appeared in more than 250 court documents posted online by the Fairfax County Court of Virginia, the ad was expressly requested to be removed by Heard’s legal team at the beginning of the case.

As stated in the ad, “the defendant’s attorney was never informed of bogus subpoenas to obtain this ad.” While this ad was actually written by Adam Waldman, he has it “leaked” on his site [Twitter] the account.

Since the plaintiff refused to provide this document and any other documents made available to the press or social media users as required by the court, the defendant now only has access to a screenshot of Mr Waldman’s tweet.

For contravention of this court order, all information in the advertisement must be disposed of as a penalty.

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