Official Police Press Release on Tammy "Sunny" Sitch, Her Alcohol Level at the Time of a Fatal Accident - Wrestling Inc.

Official Police Press Release on Tammy “Sunny” Sitch, Her Alcohol Level at the Time of a Fatal Accident – Wrestling Inc.

Developments continue surrounding WWE Hall of Famer Tammy ‘Sunny’ Sytch who allegedly caused a fatal three-car crash on March 25 in Ormond Beach, Florida. The charges against her include manslaughter with a DUI, driving with a suspended or revoked license (causing death or serious injury), and seven counts of DUI causing damage to person or property.

As described below, the Ormond Beach Police Department has now released the official press release regarding Sytch’s arrest, and in it, they disclosed the exact blood alcohol level at the time of the fatal accident. Tammy Sytch had a blood alcohol level of 0.280 (g/100ml) – 3 times the legal blood alcohol limit while operating a vehicle.

You can watch the full press release below:

Traffic crash and fatality

Date/time: Friday March 25 @8:28 PM

Location: US Highway 1, just north of State Route 40


The Ormond Beach Police Department has arrested Tamara Lynn Sych for causing the death of Julian LaFrancis Lassiter during a traffic accident on March 25 of this year.

Ms Sych’s blood toxicology results, taken with a search warrant issued shortly after the accident, set her blood alcohol level to be 0.280 (g/100ml). This level is 3 times the legal limit for alcohol in the blood while the car is operating.

On Friday, May 7, Ormond Beach Police Department investigators, assisted by the Office of the Attorney General – Seventh Circuit, obtained an arrest warrant for Mrs. Sych, for one (1) DUI charge of causing death, and one (1) counting of causing Death while operating a vehicle with a suspended or revoked driver’s license, four (4) counts of a DUI causing injury to a person, and three (3) counts of a DUI causing damage to property, signed by Judge Schumann, with the total amount of the bond specified in the amount $227,500.

OBPD investigators located Ms. Sych at the Hard Rock Hotel in Daytona Beach shortly before 10:00 p.m., and with the help of the Daytona Beach Police Department, she was arrested and transferred to the Volusia County Branch Jail without further incident. Mr. Lassiter’s family has been notified of these developments, and our heartfelt thoughts remain with them as we move forward with this process. Reports and other documents will be available for release early next week.

The OBPD also continues to seriously investigate the data and leads to the identification of other factors contributing to this breakdown, and updates will be provided as these results become available. If you have any further information about this investigation, please contact Administrator Rick Taylor at 386-677-0731.

Issued by: Captain D.W. Smith, Operations Commander

Release Date: 07/05/2022

OBPD case number: 220300397

As noted, Tammy Sytch was released from prison yesterday afternoon after appearing in court in the morning. Records say she was listed as “released” at 12:14pm EST on May 7 through the assistance of a bail guarantor who sent her a bond.

As we have noted, Ormond Beach police said Sych was driving a 2012 Mercedes-Benz and failed to stop on March 25 at approximately 8:28 p.m. while driving south on US 1, just north of Granada Street, when it crashed into the rear of a 2013 Kia Sorento, which It was stopped at the red light. Then Kia crashed into the back of a 2011 GMC Yukon, which also stopped at the light. The driver of the car hit by Sitch, known as Julian LaFrancis Lassiter Jr. of Daytona Beach Shores, was taken to Halifax Health Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at the age of 75. The Yukon driver and passengers complained of neck, back, side and head injuries, but they were not taken to hospital. Sytch was transferred to the same Lasseter Hospital, but with unknown injuries, forcing her to withdraw from her WrestleMania Weekend appearance at WrestleCon.

A search warrant was approved and executed to obtain a blood sample, which the police were using to investigate whether Sytch had been disabled at the time of the accident. Sych was formally charged on Friday. Records show that she was arrested in the evening and booked into the Volusia County Branch Jail in Daytona Beach, Florida at 10:05 p.m. EDT.

Sych faces between 4 and 30 years in prison if convicted, and fines of several thousand dollars.

Stay tuned for more developments.

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