Canadians chance to craft first overall at home after excitement

Canadians chance to craft first overall at home after excitement

Montreal – Montreal Canadiens. Comprehensive first wording. in Montreal.

In a word? Thrilling.

“It’s exciting for us as a management group,” Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes said via Zoom, just moments after revealing which club finished last in the standings had the best odds in the NHL to make the first selection in 2022.

“It’s definitely exciting for us as an organization,” Hughes continued. “I remember the last time I enlisted in Montreal (in 2009), and it was a crowded house. This is not the case at every demo site, so especially with our first pick, I can only imagine the buildup of anticipation, excitement, and interest in Montreal Canadiens. Hope as an organization not to You pick first place a lot, but when you’re in that position, it’s very special.”

Rare too.

The Canadians have not been in this position since 1980, and are the first team since the Toronto Maple Leafs (in 1985) to be in this position at home.

We apologize to their fans for not being able to report as of this moment on when tickets are on sale, how to get them and how much they cost.

Though, we honestly doubt that they care at the moment. They’ve endured the pain of one of the worst seasons in franchise history, begging the team to make it all worth it in the long run – with the Canadians winning more games than expected before losing nine in a row and ensuring 32second abbreviation A place after the penultimate game of the season – and they may have stopped breathing throughout what appeared to be the longest commercial break ever on Tuesday before the top three picks were revealed.

Nothing changed in the expected standings until the New Jersey Devils jumped from fifth to the top two and dropped the Seattle Kraken to four and the Philadelphia Flyers to five. We had the balcony door open as NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daley announced the Canadians landed the top pick and swore we heard what sounded like an entire city sighing in relief.

Now Montreal residents have less than two months to wait to see how Hughes handles his biggest decision yet as GM.

You didn’t think he’d tell you about his plan tonight, did you?

“I don’t think I want to respond now,” Hughes said of the pending selection. “I’ll wait until July 7. I’m not wearing my hat right now.”

In an interview with the NHL Network immediately after reading the results, Hughes offered some additional tidbits about a particular trait Canadians would aspire to with this selection.

“I think it’s about personality,” Hughes said. “We’ve talked a lot about the culture we need and you don’t have that kind of culture as a team if you don’t have personality in your players.”

Shane Wright, who ice skated this season as the expected unanimous first overall pick, is a character who exudes – the player earned the exceptional status of playing in the Ontario Hockey League at the age of 15, and instantly became the youngest player in the Canadian Hockey League. History to wear a message for his team, a top student in school and on the ice, and a producer with 32 goals and 94 points this season.

“His hockey IQ is across the surface,” an NHL executive said we touched base on Tuesday night. “He is a captain, an elite talent, a great playmaker, a 200-foot player, and he can really shoot. To me, he is the best player in this draft.”

There are others who challenge the title.

Hughes, Executive Vice President of Hockey Operations Jeff Gorton and the team’s amateur scouts probably feel like it belongs to Logan Cooley — a five-foot-11, 175-pound striker who scored 13 goals and 36 points in 24 games for the United States. National development team last season. Perhaps they feel it’s European top skater Juraj Slavkovsky, who climbed to center with an explosive seven-goal performance for Slovakia at the Olympics and a tackle with TBS Turku in the Finnish Liga. Or maybe they set their eyes on someone else entirely.

The Montreal management group will fly to Helsinki this week for the World Championships to continue its assessment. They will turn to Wright via video, as he continues to lead the Kingston Frontenacs through the OHL playoffs having already racked up 10 points in his first eight games.

No matter how they go about it, that decision is unlikely to be made on the basis of need, and no thought should be given to the last place Canadians need in almost every situation.

“I think you always go to pure evaluation first,” Hughes said. “So if there is a player that we feel is the best player available in the draft, that is the player we will pick. And if there are different shades of the same color, in our opinion, can we appreciate one because of positional need? Yes certainly.

“But we’re not at that stage yet, so I can’t really tell you if that’s the case, and whether we feel like there are too many players on the same field.”

He said he and Gorton will rely on Nick Bobroff, Martin Lapointe and the Canadian Scouts and that they hope to reach an agreement with them in the coming weeks.

“They’ve done it all year long,” Hughes added. “In a lot of cases, they’ve been watching these players for two years, maybe even three years.

We will encourage discussion and all work towards a solution. But we have to trust the people in their positions, and we trust them.”

It would be shocking if Hughes didn’t give them the chance to draft first overall, even if he said, “It’s always better to listen to everyone,” when asked if he would field offers from other teams to get out of first place.

“We’ll listen if we get calls, but we don’t plan to trade,” Hughes added.

Anything can happen, but we will bet our savings on it without deviating from the expected course.

This is an opportunity to speed up construction that Hughes has commissioned since his January appointment, an opportunity to do so at home – as thousands of Canadians prepare to explode in glee – and one that the privilege has not had in 42 years.

The word “sexy” may not do justice to this situation. This sounds more than just exciting.

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