2022 NHL Draft Lottery Preliminary: New Limitations Help Canadians' Prospects

2022 NHL Draft Lottery Preliminary: New Limitations Help Canadians’ Prospects

Hockey fans have something extra to be happy about in addition to the constant movement from the opening round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The 2022 NHL Lottery takes place on Tuesdays with coverage starting at 6:30 PM ET / 3:30 PM PT on Sportsnet. The pending results will determine the order of the top 16 selections for this summer’s draft.

Representatives from the non-playing NHL teams will gather at the NHL Network’s New Jersey studio for the annual live reveal of the top half of the first-round draft order.

The Montreal Canadiens hold their best prospects this year after ending their worst league season 22-49-11 for just one season after a trip to the Stanley Cup Final. The Canadians have held the number one NHL record pick five times, but all of those instances occurred between 1963 and 1980.

The last time a Canadian franchise along with Edmonton Oilers or Toronto Maple Leafs had a top pick was in 1996 when Ottawa Senators used it to take on Chris Phillips.

What’s the difference in this year’s lottery?

The draft lottery underwent some adjustments to its format in 2021. Not only was there the addition of the 32nd franchise, the Seattle Kraken, but the NHL was reduced to two lotteries instead of three. There were separate drawings for each of the top three selections from 2016 to 2020.

Two new changes come into effect this year and the main change is significant. Teams will now be prevented from moving more than 10 points in a pre-draft request. This means that, unlike in previous years, not all teams participating in the lottery are eligible to win one of the two best selections. The main purpose of this change was to make sure that the team finishing last in the regular season was not selected for a selection worse than third overall.

From now on also, no team can win the top pick in the draft lottery more than twice in a five-year period. Whoever wins Tuesday’s first pick will only be eligible to do so again between 2023 and 2026. The Oilers, Buffalo Sabers and New Jersey Devils have all won the draft lottery multiple times over the past decade.

What can the lottery winning teams expect in July?

Tuesday’s draft lottery results will see one team cement their right to pick Shane Wright, one of the top unanimous candidates.

The Kingston Frontenacs star continued a junior season in which he scored 39 goals and 66 points by posting his personal highs of 62 assists and 94 points in 63 games in 2021-22.

Wright will be preparing for an OHL playoff against the North Bay Battalion during the lottery and TV show, but the striker has expressed his desire to be the top pick for any lottery winning team.

Forwards Logan Kohli (USNTDP), Juraj Slavkovsky (TPS Turku, in Liga), Matthew Savoy (WHL’s Winnipeg ace), defender Simon Nemec (Hong Kong Nitra, Slovakia) and David Jerichek (HC Plzen, Extraliga) are among the top prospects. The other is in the 2022 draft category.

“The high end of this workout class is very diverse,” Sportsnet’s Sam Costintino wrote in the April NHL Ranking Draft. “Not only from a nationality perspective, but from a hockey perspective. We have smaller, more skilled strikers. We have a lot of right-handing options in both attacker and defense. We have some great defensive backs, but there are also a few small backs and good skaters as well.” .

The 2022 NHL Draft takes place July 7-8 at the Bell Center in Montreal.

What teams have the best odds of winning the lottery?

1. Montreal Canadiens (18.5 percent)

2. Arizona wolf (13.5 percent)

3 – Seattle Kraken (11.5 percent)

4. Philadelphia Flyers (9.5 percent)

5. New Jersey Devils (8.5 percent)

6. Chicago Blackhawks * (7.5 percent)

7. Ottawa Senators (6.5 percent)

8. Detroit Red Wings (6 percent)

9 – Buffalo Sabers (5 per cent)

10. Anaheim Ducks (3.5%)

11 – San Jose Sharks (3 percent)

12 – Columbus Blue Jackets (2.5 per cent)

13. New York Islanders (2 per cent)

14. Winnipeg Jets (1.5%)

15- Vancouver Canucks (0.5%)

16. Vegas Golden Knights** (0.5 percent)

* – As part of the Seth Jones trade, Chicago will transfer its 2022 first-round pick to Columbus if it is not the first pick. If Chicago wins one of the two lottery jackpots on Tuesday, Chicago will keep the selection and instead send the 2023 first-round pick to Columbus.

** – As part of the Jack Eichel trade, Vegas will transfer the 2022 first-round pick to Buffalo if it’s not in the top 10 picks. If Vegas wins a lottery on Tuesday, Vegas will keep the pick and instead send the 2023 first-round pick to Buffalo.

Montreal has a 25.5 percent chance of securing a first pick, even though the team has 18.5 percent odds of winning precisely the first draw. This is where the new lottery restrictions take advantage of Canadians this year because Montreal will still retain the top pick if any of the bottom five teams win the lottery.

The odds will be readjusted after the first drawing and the odds for the remaining 15 teams will increase proportionately in the second drawing depending on which team wins the first lottery.

The 14 teams that did not win any of the lots will be awarded the remaining selections in reverse order for most regular season points.

New sweepstakes restrictions mean that Blue Jackets, Islanders, Jets, Canucks and Golden Knights will not be eligible for the top pick through sweepstakes this year.

Coyotes, Kraken, Ducks, and Sharks each stand a chance of winning the #1 pick for the first time in franchise history.

Notable lottery scenarios

The difference is now at the mercy of the odds. Obviously everyone involved will want to pick #1 or #2, but depending on which way the numbers go down, there might be a few outstanding best/worst hits like…

Neither Montreal nor Arizona has won any of the lotteries: The Canadians and the Kuwaitites were the only two teams to finish the season with less than 60 points in the standings. No team scored fewer goals than Arizona and no team allowed more goals than Montreal. Both teams have multiple picks in the first round — Montreal has Calgary while Arizona has the Carolinas and Colorado — but if one misses the first pick, the front offices and fan bases can’t hide the disappointment. The teams with the two highest odds ended up not picking the top two in three of the past five lotteries.

Buffalo night can fluctuate wildly with the Vegas variant: The optimist would envision Sabers ending up with the first or second pick as well as the 16th overall pick from Vegas. The pessimist might think that Buffalo could come out in the top ten, or perhaps watch the Golden Knights win an unlikely top-two pick and then stumble with a Vegas 2023 pick that likely won’t be as high as the No. 16 spot if Vegas returns to the playoffs next year. .

Columbus could end up with two top 10 picks: The Blue Jackets is another team hoping to weed out the big winners heading into the draft. The perfect night for Jarmo Kekäläinen Club would see the Blue Jackets win the first two with their lottery pick as Chicago miss out on both. That way, Columbus could end up with a two-pointer in the top ten. Even if it isn’t named after Columbus itself, blue jacket owners don’t want to see luck fall down the Chicago road.

Latest NHL Lottery Results

The NHL introduced the multi-draw lottery system in 2016, the year the Oilers finished with Connor McDavid.

The team with the worst regular season record has ended up being the first overall pick in three of the past six years.

The biggest jumps on the board since entering several lotteries were the New York Rangers jumping seven teams to win in 2020 and the New Jersey Devils jumping four places in 2017.

Notable sweepstakes wins in second place saw Flyers advance 11 places in 2017 and Hurricanes climb nine places in 2018.

In 2021, the Sabers had the worst record and best odds and won the top pick, then chose Blueliner Owen Power first overall. Kraken won the second place despite having the third best odds. The expansion team jumped on the ducks and ended up picking Matty Penners for second. Anaheim went with Mason McTavish after dropping one point to third.

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