Fifth game loss is 'hard to describe' for Greyhound veterans

Fifth game loss is ‘hard to describe’ for Greyhound veterans

Soo Greyhounds season ended on Saturday after losing a road to Flint Firebirds

Despite their disappointment with the result, it turned into a reflection time for many players.

The second half with four was the difference as Soo Greyhounds dropped a 7-1 decision against the Flint Firebirds in Game 5 of the Ontario Western Hockey Conference semifinal series.

With the win, the Firebirds win the set 4-1 and advance to the Western Conference . final

Of the four goals, there were three strong marks of play by the Firebirds that put the home team in the driver’s seat for the rest of the night.

For veteran Greyhound players, disappointment was palpable in their voices, as they spoke of the outcome as well as the end of their career at OHL.

“It’s hard to describe losing words in the first place. We are a better team than we showed tonight,” Mackay said. “At the moment, it’s just a subjective reflection. I am proud of the team we have become this year. Even though we didn’t get the job done, I’m proud of everyone in that room. I feel so lucky to have been involved in the last nearly full year with these guys.”

Veteran striker Rory Kerns described it as a “tough way out”.

“We lost Ty early in the game and in that second half, they scored in sets and kept us away,” Kerns added. “It was a tough match, but I am so happy I got to have a Soo Greyhound and wear this shirt. It was the biggest honor of my life.”

Greyhound coach John Dean said early in the game that he felt the team looked “shy”.

“In the second half of the first period, we looked better,” Dean said. “The second period was our enemy in all series. Once we got ourselves into a penalty shootout problem, it took a lot of wind out of our sails unfortunately and the rest of the match speaks for itself.”

The Greyhound team lost late striker Tai Kartier very early in the game to a collarbone injury after sustaining an early injury.

“Tai is such a warrior,” said Dean. “He played two shifts with a nice tare in his collarbone.”

Dean said Carty sustained injuries during his first turn out of the game.

“I am shocked that he has to end (his career with the team) the way it did,” Dean said. “It almost fits. Finished off with the physical play and put everything on the line.”

Dean said the team believes the collarbone is broken.

“I’ll tell you something about Tai Karti though. Apologize to us,” Dean said. “That’s the kind of kid.”

Firebirds coach Ted Dent described the middle clip as a “crazy period.”

Dent said in an interview with The Firebird Hockey Network. “There were a lot of penalties and goals, and I just couldn’t keep up.”

After a goalless opening period, Flint’s Tyler Dillen opened the scoring 2:14 in the second half. Deline took a pass along the blueline from James Petrovski, skated to the edge of the left-facing circuit and beat Greyhounds start Tucker Tynan through traffic.

Gavin Hayes scored Flint’s second goal at 11:21. Hayes got a disc in the right facing circle and beat Tynan through a screen by Riley Piercey to score his third goal in his last two games.

After consecutive penalties on the Greyhounds, Zachary Giroud made it 3-0 with a two-man lead in favor of the Firebirds. Giroux took a backdoor pass from Hayes and beat Tynan at 13:46.

After just 1:38, with the Firebirds back at 5-on-3, Giroux got his second goal of the night when he moved onto the open ice, taking a pass from Brennan Othmann and winning Tynan with a backhand to make the score 4-0.

Flint advanced further early in the third when Colson Peter converted a feed from Simon Slavicic 2-on-1 at 2:19 to make the score 5-0.

The pair then called again to make it 6-0 as Slavesk converted a pass from Peter in a shootout at 11:05.

Giroux had his third of the night with 1:56 from the end as he redirected a pass into the hole from Riley Piercey in the Power Play’s right circle to make it 7-0.

Striker Cole Mackay got the greyhounds on the board in the last minute of play, blocking a close shot by Robert Kaleste from the high hole in front of goalkeeper Flint Luke Cavallen with 24 seconds left.

MacKay described him as special for scoring the season’s final goal, specifically with Greyhounds veterans including Calisti, Kerins and Ryan O’Rourke on the ice as well.

“I better do it with these guys on the ice,” Mackay said of scoring the goal. “Me, Robbie, Rory, and Ryan almost joined this league together and have spent every moment of the past four years together. Five me and Rob. It was so special to have this person send a positive note on a very negative night.”

“I was so happy for them to have that little moment on a really tough night,” Dean said.

Tynan finished the night with 48 greyhound saves.

In addition to Giroud’s night with three goals, Usman assisted in scoring three goals for Flint, while Dylan, Salvesque, Peter and Hayes scored a goal and assist each for Flint.

“He’s a warrior for us,” Dent said of Giro. “He fights hard and is a petite guy, but his efforts, hard work and heart every night are fantastic.”

He helped Percy score two goals for the Firebirds.

The Firebirds and Windsor will face the Spitfires in the conference final after the Spitfires beat Kitchener Rangers 3-2 on Saturday to advance.

The Eastern Conference Final will see the Hamilton Bulldogs take on North Bay.

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