Founding of Chief Honchos - Dominators of the 5th Season of the Overwatch League

Founding of Chief Honchos – Dominators of the 5th Season of the Overwatch League

week 1 of Note and watch League 5y Season in the books, while there was a great deal of technical difficulties and Technical Difficulties in getting around, it is safe to say that OWL and Monitor 2 It was a strong start to her entering a new era of esports.

This week we saw highlights from every team, big winners, great performances, but also some big dips from North American franchises, making for an incredibly exciting and unexpected opening weekend. Not even including how to hype at .’s first live event Note and watch In over two years, the first week of OWL has been flowery and exhilarating.

With the exception of a few games, it seems that every series has fulfilled the promises of transformation Monitor 2 will bring. We’ve seen a standard meta formation, Soldier: 76 different types of traditional diving with Ana, Lucio, Winston and DPS flex. However, we saw a lot of iterations and different combinations from the teams as well, making things new and different throughout the weekend. That flexibility and versatility that’s been sorely missing from the game for years, so it was great to see what are basically a dozen different perspectives on how to play Note and watch.

But it was precisely the sight of three teams that led them to become the only teams to come out of the opening weekend with two wins. Here are some of the notable features and distinct dishes at Note and watch League chiefs.


This weekend was huge for the prospects of the Atlanta Rain, Los Angeles Gladiators, and San Francisco Shock. Both teams have done away with the bulldozers of the past and are coming into Season 5 with new gadgets, new teammates, and incredible firepower.

For Atlanta, they showed just how tough they were in a 3-1 win over Florida Mime, but it was their clean game against New York Excelsior that really underlined just how dreadful reign can be. Xander”hookDomic and Benjaminultraviolet“David, he really got MVP nods in their Doomfist and Ana master classes, but frankly, a lot of attention should be directed towards Charlie”Nero“Road Zwarg. He seemed to be at his best after a season full of disintegration and skeptics during his time at the 2021 San Francisco Shock. The tracker and Echo in the sweep against New York were fantastic and key in keeping the XL ever having a foothold in the series.

The other team that made a big statement was the San Francisco Shock, which in a return to old performance, didn’t drop a single map in its first two games of the season. Entering OWL 2022, it looked like all eyes were on the shock, looking to them to see how quickly they can recover from their playoff loss last season, and whether they can establish themselves at the top once again.

Safe to say, Shock has once again achieved gold with her team, and she presents a team capable of eliminating their opponents. It’s hard to say which of the two matches best sums up their strengths, as both were stomping against weaker opponents in general. What really shows their ingenuity is the constant pressure from Colin.”colog“Arai and Dong Hyun”Decent“Kim.

Both have been players with a lot of conversation about them, for various reasons, but there has been a lot of interest for these two coming into 2022. After opening weekend, they definitely added themselves to the list of surprising starters. Re-track this season. Coluge brought incredible pressure and mechanical prowess as an anchor to the team, and it was Proper’s disgusting ability to maximize a soldier’s potential on the wings and with Nano-Visors, which halted any and all attempts to play the game. Both players were amazing on their debuts, and both gave performances worthy of consecutive MVP nods.

The last team to come out of the weekend with a 2-0 score was the revamped L.A. Gladiators, who mostly looked intimidating enough to score solid victories against their opponents, but with a little more cracks in their armor than Shock or Reign. Losing two maps may not seem like the worst thing in the world, but the competition at the top is incredibly tight, taking as many diplomas as possible, which is key to maintaining your place on the throne.

In general, the wrestlers played well, Corey.”Rainer“Skoda and Kevin”Kevster“Pearson has been given proper MVP gestures for their playing, but the background streak of all-star wrestlers is worthy of admiration. We know Jin-seo’s individual strength”what“Kim and Daniel”funny“Hathaway is from previous seasons but put those two together, and you have a back streak of almost impenetrable toughness.

The Gladiators are, so far, the only team that still needs a bit of improvement in their play. They have great pieces and insane potential, and they still have more than enough time to reach the heights that a team like this can reach. With enough focus and steam in the engine, this could finally be a Gladiator squad that truly reaches the heights the franchise has always expected.

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