LAMB OF GOD is recruiting former instrument guitarist PHIL DEMMEL for Canadian shows

former machine head and current violence guitar player Phil DeMille fills for Willie Adler on the Canadian part of Lamb of God‘s “Mineral Tour of the Year” With Mega. The rendezvous, which was scheduled to take place last fall, began last night (Tuesday, May 17) in Laval, Quebec after final performances for the 2022 US leg of the flight. Demel previously stepped for Adler during registerJanuary appearance on Shiphooked Sea trip.

although Lamb of God He has not officially commented on AdlerHis absence from the shows violence singer Sean Killian revealed in an interview last month that willy “vaxx doesn’t work,” in reference to the COVID-19 vaccine, being replaced with Demel For dates in those countries that still require proof of vaccination from US travelers.

Last month , Demel also filled in for Lamb of God‘s John Campbell When the guitarist had to miss some shows “Mineral Tour of the Year” In order to “take care of family affairs back home”.

Demelwith appearance Lamb of God It marks his third high-profile gig in four years. Demel stepped up to the killer guitar player Gary Holt For four European shows in Fall 2018 then Gary He came home to be with his dying father. Demel also subbed to Dave Linske at OverkillConcert November 13, 2021 at The Wellmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey and on the band’s Spring 2022 US tour.

In February 2022 an interview with BLABBERMOUTH.NETAnd Demel Discuss how it became a sought-after hire weapon. “The the killer Something happened within 24 hours of my resignation machine headHe said “I think [SLAYER drummer] Paul PostavGirlfriend knew that machine head It was finished and they knew I was home, so they reached out for it. As the urban legend says, [laughs]I had three hours to learn 19 songs. It was very successful. A whole trip, one of the things you can imagine – the killer On their final world tour. I filled my comrades in change point, very. The Overkill gig was more about me and Bobby [Ellsworth, vocals] do BPMD record together [2020’s ‘American Made’]. We are familiar and have the ability to learn songs very quickly. The mineral successionYou guys too. I’m going to play 25 songs with them per night. It’s one of those weird things where I can learn songs really fast and I can pick them up really fast.”

Demel Then he was asked whether his temper for Lamb of God And Overkill The buggies were on the same level as playing with them the killer. “I was very confident of Overkill He said, “We had three good exercises. I didn’t train with the killer Absolutely. Two songs are played in the sound check. [Laughs] “Okay, we’re fine!” She’s like, “Damn it!” OverkillWe had two days of training. I had two and a half weeks, and three weeks to get ready for it. I felt powerful with that.

“The Lamb of God Gig, that was a big deal. They got close to me before Mega touring the states last summer and she wanted me to learn both parts, Marker [Morton] And willyIn the event someone gets sick, they don’t want to cancel their tour. This is where I’m at: I’m their man when no one can bid, I’m ready to go. It’s a high-profile band. I didn’t want to go out there and blow it up. I wanted the band to look good. I wanted to keep that pride in who they are and never give up on them. willy And I play differently. There are different vibrations in our left hand and pinkie. I didn’t want there to be a drop off point. I wanted people not to get bored because he wasn’t there. And this is not malice willy. Let’s say, if I go to see one of my favorite bands Queensrich. I want to see [Chris] DegarmoI want to see Michael Wilton. There’s no mockery against the other men, but they’d better bring that up if they weren’t there.”

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