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PlayStation Home needs a comeback for Sony’s new metaverse

Sony should revive PlayStation Home to service its new plans for the metaverse.

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Sony has interesting ideas for metaverses. The Japanese giant sees the metaverse as a large online network that can integrate media, services and social interactions. Sony is well suited to this plan because it owns a wealth of gaming IPs, music licenses, produced movies, TV shows, and animation rights under the Crunchyroll program.

“The Metaverse is at once a social space and a living network space where games, music, movies and animation intersect and expand,” Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said in a The last corporate strategy meeting.

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“Fortnite, from Epic Games, is one example. It has evolved into a social place where time and space are shared; it’s not just a place to play games. As a result, games have become a place of new expression for artists and a place for increasing non-game IP value.”

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Sony’s core idea is to unite games, entertainment, live events, music and content into a converged digital landscape. There is talk of users meeting in digital spaces to watch live music events and sports broadcasts, complete with virtual avatars.

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“When it comes to live experiences that share time and space, music immediately comes to mind. Sony music artists have already performed many live shows at gaming venues.”

This brings us to an important part of the metaverse: representation.

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If Sony wants to do everything in this space, it needs some kind of digital representation of its user base. Users need to be able to create and customize their own descriptive characters, complete with accessories, hairstyles, and outfits – works. This is very similar to Xbox Avatars, which the Meta has also imitated with Horizon Worlds.

Sony had something like this back in the days of PlayStation 3: PlayStation Home.

PlayStation Home was a huge online endeavor where players created their own unique digital spaces and avatars. The mode has massive customization features with various skins, outfits, and accessories taken straight from the games.

Big-name publishers such as Konami, Bandai Namco, and even Marvel have teamed up with Sony to offer themed looks and costumes for massive monetization and advertising.

Publishers can create “rooms,” or digital spaces, tailored to their brands and games. Developers can also create games that can be launched within PlayStation Home.

Players can also watch live digital events such as E3 at PlayStation Home, as well as on-demand movies.

PS Home was essentially an early framework for what companies now call the metaverse.

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The service collapsed due to its unbridled ambition. For years, PlayStation Home has been plagued by issues, including performance issues, massive glitches, and massive server congestion. Can Sony solve these problems today?


We know it’s on file Much Best place in terms of infrastructure ever. Remember too Sony uses Microsoft’s Azure service to power its cloud.

PlayStation Home needs to come back in spirit at least. Sony probably doesn’t need to go as far with the PS Home as it did in those days, but some sort of digital ecological presence will be an asset.

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Sony should create some kind of new, specific version that serves its metaverse plans. Think of it as a PlayStation avatar that travels to all parts of the metaverse; Create an avatar in PlayStation Home that can attend in-game events and parties, watch parties with friends via online broadcast networks, and most importantly, interact with others via VR.

Users will also have their own unique spaces where other players can come, visit, hang out, and maybe even leave a gift or note. This kind of interaction is the key to being involved and immersed in such a space. Again, the new, refurbished PS Home won’t need to be as spacious or as spacious as the original in order to succeed.

Sony’s PlayStation VR 2 is also well positioned to tap into this market.

The headset uses advanced new motion tracking technologies and easy setup to make it a mass market headset that can attract many users. It’s a perfect gateway to these immersive digital experiences, and as blockbuster games like VR Chat have taught us, acting is extremely important for immersion in the style of the metaverse.

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