Anna and Michelle Duggar-Beg Judge Will Have Mercy on Josh Duggar to Send Sentence: Josh's Legal Team Requests Five-Year Jail Sentence

Prosecutors criticize Anna and Michelle Duggar for begging the judge to have mercy on Josh Duggar for sentencing; Say that Josh still blames others for his crimes

“See? I Tell The two of you that bribing the judge with a casserole would be a better move.”

Prosecution in Josh DuggarJosh’s trial this week responded to letters of support written by Josh’s wife, mother and others, while also criticizing the former. TLC The star requested to serve only five years in prison for his crimes of receiving and possessing Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM).

Like ashley Previously mentioned, Anna Duggar And Michael Dogger (and others) recently wrote letters to judge Timothy L. Brooks– – who will sentence Josh next week – – – begged him to show mercy to Josh by giving him a five-year prison sentence for 34-year-old Josh – the shortest sentence legally allowed.

“Joshi Girl needs her man at home, you all!”

While Josh is demanding a minimum sentence behind bars, the prosecution is demanding a maximum of 20 years. The prosecution responded to the five-year request this week, criticizing those who wrote letters on Josh’s behalf, while arguing several of the allegations in the letters.

He claims the writers are “extremely supportive while fully aware of his condemnation”[s]and that this “will enable him to make the most out of the rest of his life and work hard to ensure that the lives of his children are affected as little as possible” by trafficking in CSAM,” court documents he obtained the sun Read.

Josh (and his supporters) blamed his actions on the “challenges” associated with the Duggar family. 19 kids and counting Notorious, the prosecution believes that the allegations “only confirm the appropriateness of the government’s recommendation for sentencing.”

“In fact, his supportive family and privileged public-facing lifestyle make his criminal behavior pattern very bewildering.

“Confusing? I don’t remember ever learning that word in the Duggar Dining Room High School…”

“Although he achieved some notoriety through reality TV as an adult, at this point he is known for behavior outside of his family’s show, including his sexual offenses and criminal sexual behaviour,” the prosecution adds.

Another point in the documents is that, in their letters, other acquaintances of Anna, Michelle, and Josh do not actually address what Josh was accused of – or the fact that he has a history of sexual interest in very young girls. Prosecutors argued that none of the Duggars’ messages “meaningfully wrestle” with Josh’s crimes, nor his “sexual orientation toward immature girls.”

The prosecution argues that it is unlikely that Josh will obtain the treatment and accountability needed to prevent him from returning to criminality.

The documents claim that “in fact, given the apparent success of the blaming tactics of certain individuals with whom he intends to surround himself after his release from prison, this is not improbable – it is unimaginable.”

Michelle, I mistakenly thought that this statement referred to infertility.

Prosecution Act Acknowledging that Josh’s imprisonment period “will undoubtedly reverberate through his immediate and extended family”; However, they note that unfortunately Something that happens in many criminal cases, and it’s not something unique to Josh and his clan.

“…especially in a case like this, where Duggar seems to have concealed his hateful behavior from his closest associates until his conviction.”


On the same day the prosecution presented its document, the defense submitted its own document, formally responding to the government’s recommendation for sentencing. to me KNWA / KFTAFiling – signed by defense attorney Justin Gelfand—-note a “total lack of support” for a request that Josh be given the maximum sentence allowed by law, arguing that there have been no cases where a defendant in the same situation received a 20-year prison sentence for receiving CSAM.

The defense described the sentence proposed by the prosecution as “excessive, totally unjustified and unprecedented in view of the alleged crime”.

The defense also alleges that the government filings described in great detail some of the CSAM files downloaded to Josh’s computer, alleging that they were “clearly intended to provoke an emotional response in the hope that this court would render an unnecessarily harsh judgment in this case”.

Instead, the defense says, the court should focus on what “has already been disclosed, even in the light most favorable to the government for sentencing purposes.”

The defense confirmed its claim that much of the illegal material was “never on the computer” or “never seen by a computer user”. The documents also stated that the court needed to avoid sentencing discrepancies, citing an individual in another case who was sentenced to 75 months in prison for receiving more than 20,000 CSAM photos.

“Am I condemned as unjustly as you, Joshi?”

Also addressed was Josh’s “pattern of activity” cited by the government, with the defense noting that Josh was never brought before a judge, nor was he convicted of any crime as a juvenile — a reference to allegations that Josh molested five minors (including four of his young children). sisters) as a teenager.

Josh is scheduled to be sentenced on May 25.

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